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Is Ukraine Nearing its End Days, as It Now Conscripts Not Just 17 and 70 Year Old Men, But now Ukrainian Women into the Military

Is Ukraine Nearing its End Days, as It Now Conscripts Not Just 17 and 70-Year-Old Men, but Now Ukrainian Women into the Military

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

Is Ukriane nearing its end days, as it now conscripts not just 17 and 70 year old men,but now Ukrainian women into the military, where many soldiers have been sent to a certain death fighting the United States war against Russia,and one Ukraine is losing so badly, it may go down in history as one of the greatest losses of a military in such a short time. Almost 60,000 Ukrainian losses in 3 months, not counting the wounded,420,000 since the conflict escalated in Feb 2022.

Ukraine prepares to mobilize women

  • From October 1, 2023, medical and pharmaceutical workers will be required to register at military registration and enlistment offices.
  • Women liable for military service have the same duties as men, they must: register for military service, undergo training for service, report to the military registration and enlistment offices about changes in the place of registration/residence, marital status, disability, etc.

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