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For level 4

Level 4️⃣

The 4th level program is for future leaders in one’s community and nation is to develop the leadership and organisational skills to become a leading advocate for activism and change.

It’s the 3 days Truth Talk Global leaders program.

These programs are held in exotic overseas locations.

You also qualify to give a free teenage scholarship to any teenager you nominate (19 or younger) to attend this program at no charge.

$5000 USD

Spouse tickets are - $500 Per Ticket

We accept credit card, PayPal, bank transfers or any Top 50 crypto’s.

We also accept TruthCoin for 80% payment for each program.

The World Economic Forum Headed up by Cult Elitist leader, Klaus Schwab holds not only the Annual Gabfest of the billionaire elite where they plan their world domination strategies, but they hold the World Economic Forum Future Leaders Program to groom their planned political and business leaders to infiltrate Western Cabinets and Corporations that will push their extreme Great Totalitarian Reset Agenda upon the unknowing masses.

To help defeat this agenda we have partnered with the Global Economic Forum to develop a leadership program to inspire, educate and train future leaders to push back against the Great Reset Agenda by the cultist elites and to push the “ Great Awakening Agenda “.

These programs are held in exotic overseas locations.

Endorsed by the GHO and GEF and endorsed by the following Independent News Media Outlets

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Level 4️⃣ (5000 USD)

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