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Short Takes: Truckers, Clinical Trial Fraud, Scotland Data, CDC Admits Negative Vaxxine Efficacy, …

Short Takes: Truckers, Clinical Trial Fraud, Scotland Data, CDC Admits Negative Vaxxine Efficacy, …

By Steve Kirsch

vials analysis, PolitiFact fact check, DMED data analysis, DoD reply to Johnson, negative efficacy, Murthy gets COVID, Congress and pharma, Truth Social, and more…

The original post had the wrong hyperlink to the CDC study showing the vaccines have negative efficacy. I’ve corrected it.

Some short takes on hot topics right now.

  1. Truckers: Canada is using force to clear the truckers out of Ottawa. People who help the truckers have had their bank accounts frozen. Watch this video and look at the sidebar for more videos. They’ve arrested the organizers. This isn’t over. We’re next. The support for the trucker is 59% in America. They are way more popular than our leaders in Washington. Imagine what the support is in Canada!
  2. CDC paper admits to negative vaccine efficacy. This is big. Finally, a paper by nine CDC authors published in JAMA in January 2022 (Association Between 3 Doses of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine and Symptomatic Infection Caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron and Delta Variants) shows in Fig. 3 that the vaccines create negative efficacy for Omicron at month 7, just like the Denmark study showed too (in Denmark it was after 3 months). In other words, the CDC authors admit that the vaccines make you more likely to get Omicron starting in month 7. A stunning admission. Mainstream media ignored it. Will not affect mandates anywhere since it isn’t about the science. It is about injecting people and making them more likely to get Omicron.
  3. Clinical trial fraud: I’ll be posting my interview with Brook Jackson, the Pfizer whistleblower, shortly. Stay tuned.
  4. Scotland: They are no longer going to release death data because the government says it could be misrepresented. So now you have to guess what the numbers are. Wow. This is stunning. [ Note: You really can’t make this stuff up. ]
  5. PolitiFact fact checker gets an earful: I got a call from Gabrielle Settles of PolitiFact. She was doing a “fact check” on my favorite VAERS interface, I explained to her everything she needed to know to show how VAERS shows the vaccines were unsafe. I said I knew the VAERS data was reliable because I got the same death counts 12 other ways that did not use VAERS. She NEVER, at any time, asks to see the other methods. Are you kidding me?!?!? The most important part of her assignment is to assess the credibility of VAERS. I told her I showed it 12 other ways and she had NO interest in looking at any of the methods. You’ll love this call. It exposes first hand how they operate. They have an agenda and they ignore what you say. Everyone LOVED this call. More on PolitiFact corruption. Perhaps they should fact check themselves? Be sure to check out the comments at Rumble on the video:


  1. No word back from the DoD on Senator Johnson’s letter: The DoD is ignoring Senator Johnson’s letter. The #1 rule of holes is when you find yourself in one, stop digging. Did you know that since the vaccines rolled out that there is a sudden spike in the number of members of the military who are disqualified from working (e.g., flying a plane)? Memos have been sent that the vaccine is causing harm to our readiness, but the top brass ignores it saying they have to enforce the vaccine policy no matter how badly it affects the troops. Readiness isn’t important. It’s important to follow orders from the Commander-In-Chief. They do what they are told, no matter how many soldiers are harmed. I’ve heard from a reliable source in the military that the myocarditis rate in the military is over 1 in 100. Nobody’s talking. Mainstream media is never going to cover that story I assure you.
  2. Investor Ed Dowd blows the whistle on clinical trial fraud: Ed’s a friend of mine. He got a lot of coverage for predicting the collapse of Moderna stock. He’s been on Steve Bannon and Alex Jones talking about the fraud in the Pfizer trial. His point is that all the data is confirmatory: the whistleblower data, Maddie de Garay’s case, the VAERS data, the DMED data, the OneAmerica data, data from other insurance companies confirmed the OneAmerica dramatic 40% rise in deaths, and funeral homes are booming too. Couple that with the embalmer stories and more. He thinks Moderna will go to zero. He is not short any of these stocks so he has no conflict of interest. Note: He has no smoking gun on fraud in the Moderna trial, but the last time I looked, the VAERS data shows it is more deadly than Pfizer. Check out Ed’s GETTR tweets for more info.
    Ed Dowd on Bannon regarding clinical trial fraud
  3. Truth Social: Has entered private beta with around 3,000 people so far. I’m at @stkirsch and already have followers. Mobile app only for now. Twitter clone without the censorship. I have accounts at Truth Social, GETTR, Gab, and Telegram. Sign up at TruthSocial.
  4. Still looking for a debate: Nobody will debate any of us on camera. Are you surprised?
  5. Free education seminar on vaccine safety and efficacy for lawmakers: Know a lawmaker who is open to be educated? We are lonelier than the Maytag repairman.
  6. Silence: This beautiful song by vaccine-injured Julie Elizabeth is available for a free download at Check it out. Read some of the stories while you are there.
  7. The hospitalization paradox: Chris Masterjohn explains how the lack of data transparency makes it impossible to know whether the vaccines work or not. A long read, but thorough. Basically, they don’t disclose the stats everyone needs, so they can hide vaccine safety issues. Who would have thought they would do that?
  8. Everyone has COVID in the Murthy family: US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, his wife, 5-year-old, and 4-year-old daughter all have COVID. Ten of Murthy’s family members have died from COVID to date. So what do we do? We blindly follow whatever he says, of course! We do not listen to Fareed and Tyson who have had 0 deaths in 10,000 cases. (<sarcasm off>). Links:
  9. Looking at the blood of the vaccinated under a microscope: If you have accessed to a dark field microscope, if you can get a blood sample (e.g., using a diabetic lance) from a newly vaccinated person or a vaccine injured person, have a look and let me know what you find. Lots of videos about the blood not looking right, so would like to get confirmation.
  10. Vials update: We got 7 vials and sent them off to a lab in Europe. Silence. This wasn’t my idea to send all the vials to one lab I assure you. If you can get vials and get them analyzed, I’ll happily publish the results. I’ve suggested this to Joe Ladapo since he can do it legally, but he hasn’t done anything. Just one simple action like this from Ladapo would make him a world hero. No dice. Can anyone else be a hero here?
  11. Don’t expect Congress to bail us out: They’ve all been vaccinated (unless they already had COVID). In other words, they all took the blue pill except for Senator Ron Johnson who apparently got the wrong color pill. In general, nobody wants to oppose big pharma and take the heat for it, so they will all be cheerleading for the vaccines. I got this from a former US Senator.
  12. DMED data analysis: Mathew Crawford is looking at the data that Tom Renz got from the military. He should be writing a substack on it soon. Note that a lot of people misinterpret the data. For example, there is a 5X increase in Type 1 diabetes, but the rates in the database are office visits, not the number of unique people who got Type 1 diabetes. More later.


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