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More Strange Events: Athletes Dropping, Hepatitis in Kids, Severe Dengue in Brazil: Is It the Vax?

More Strange Events: Athletes Dropping, Hepatitis in Kids, Severe Dengue in Brazil: Is It the Vax?

By Steve Kirsch

If you know how to use VAERS, the connection between the COVID vaccines and these events is obvious. But if you are a mainstream doctor and you trust the CDC, it’s a mystery.

Consider the following recent headlines:

  1. 769 Athletes Collapse from Cardiac Arrest Since Covid Vax Rollout
  2. What’s Causing A Sudden Outbreak Of Hepatitis In Kids In Europe And The US?
  3. Hepatitis detected in children in US, UK; Cause of mysterious, severe virus unknown, officials say

The articles on the athlete collapses point the finger at the vaccine.

The articles on the hepatitis outbreaks don’t suspect the COVID vaccines at all since the mainstream experts all think the COVID vaccines are safe and effective. So it’s not even an option that could be considered.

What does VAERS say? It says that the average # of reports for hepatitis in a year is around 8 cases. In 2021, for just the COVID vaccine, there were 304.

The obvious question is, “why are there 8 cases a year before the COVID vaccines (across all 70 vaccines combined), and now 304 cases in 2021 associated with the COVID vaccine?”

As an engineer, it looks to me like the COVID vaccine causes susceptibility to liver damage.

But of course the “experts” say there is no association at all which is why it isn’t even considered as a possibility in those articles above. So perhaps they can explain why the uptick happens ONLY with the COVID vaccines but not any other vaccines in 2021??

Severe dengue virus victims in Brazil but ONLY if you’ve gotten the COVID vaccine. Hmmm… wonder if there is a connection??

Consider this conversation with a physician in Brazil:

Steve, we’re having the worst Dengue outbreak ever

People are getting severe cases

Which was rare

Now it became almost a pattern

In common = all Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccinated

Not a single case of severe Dengue in the unvaccinated!

He has 50 dengue cases, 5 are in the ICU. The vax rate in his area is around 75% of the people.

He wrote:

There are 4 types of dengue virus. Sometimes I have more patients with dengue that I currently have. The point is that altered liver transaminases were high in lower than 15%, hospitalization rate was always below 5%, severely low platelets always below 3%, no matter which type or when, and now these numbers are at least 70%, 20% and 15%, respectively, among the population I told you about.

In other words, if you are vaccinated, if you get dengue, expect it to be 4X to 5X worse if and only if you’ve been vaccinated.

Yet another reason to avoid the vaccines since it causes other things (like cancer and latent viruses) to re-emerge with a vengeance. This is because the vaccines suppress your immune system.

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