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Event on May 4 in Ohio Featuring RFK Jr and Others

Event on May 4 in Ohio Featuring RFK Jr and Others

By Steve Kirsch

This event is in support of a bill in the Ohio legislature that would enable patients to access proven early treatment options for COVID… you know, the drugs the CDC and NIH tell doctors to avoid.

Sign up here to reserve your place at the event on May 4 in Columbus, Ohio. There aren’t many slots left.

The registration link is here and the form is at the very bottom of the page: COVID-19 Alternative Therapies and the Right to Choose: Protecting the Vulnerable and Honoring the Fourth Estate Conference.” Your donation is tax deductible.

There are two options:

  1. you can register for just the event on May 4 ($90), or
  2. register for the dinner the night before (with the speakers) and the event ($250 for both). If you register for the dinner, they will let you know where it is (in Dublin, OH).

The event will take place on Wednesday, May 4th at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, OH, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. EDT.

Although attendees are required to register for this event, guests can sign in at the event venue registration table. The Statehouse Conference address is 1 Capitol Square, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

This will be a roundtable event similar to Senator Johnson’s “A second opinion panel” focused on testimony supporting the Ohio early treatment bill. There will be several small roundtables (not one giant one).

Here’s the bill HB 631.

Where is fluvoxamine?

Note, I’m not happy at all that fluvoxamine isn’t included in this bill as there is a peer-viewed systematic review and meta-analysis supporting fluvoxamine in treating COVID-19, which is the highest level of evidence based medicine. It is ridiculous that it isn’t included. Fluvoxamine reduces your chance of death by 12X. That’s from a widely praised Phase 3 trial. No other drug has better data than that. It should be included in the list of drugs in the bill.

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