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Will the DNC Force RFK Jr. to Run As An INDEPENDENT?

Will the DNC Force RFK Jr. to Run As An INDEPENDENT?

Will the DNC compel RFK Jr. to run as an independent? Unleashing bombshell implications…

The DNC is already rigging the 2024 election by ensuring that no Democrat is allowed to challenge Joe Biden, the pretender-in-chief.
Yesterday, RFK Jr., declared that if the DNC doesn’t play fair, he will have no choice but to explore other options. Most likely, this means he’ll run as an independent.
The implications of this for the 2024 election are enormous. Could RFK win? Would his campaign hand a victory to Trump? How hard will the criminal regime in power try to cancel the 2024 election to stay in power?

Brighteon Broadcast News, Sep 18, 2023 – Will the DNC force RFK Jr. to run as an INDEPENDENT?

0:00 Intro

2:03 Major News

9:40 RFK Jr.

34:22 The Three-Front War

43:43 Seattle

49:12 Interview with Steve Poplar

– Coordinated media attack on Russell Brand is obviously CONTRIVED to SILENCE a truth teller

– US DoD wants a THREE-front war: #Russia #China and #Mexico all at the same time (INSANE)

– US Army War College warns U.S. should expect 100,000 casualties PER MONTH

– “Partial conscription” will be necessary to replace all the dead US soldiers (men and women)

– UAW strike could put 146,000 workers out of work and plummet GDP by $5.6 billion

– Auto manufacturers are destroying themselves by making EVs nobody wants

– Texas AG Ken Paxton survives impeachment attempt engineered by Bush family, RINOs and Dems

– Weekend assassination attempt targeted RFK, Jr. (but failed thanks to his security team)

– Los Angeles spends $44,000 PER TENT to build a tent city for ever-increasing #homeless

– Democrat policies will produce a huge increase in homelessness, lawlessness and crime

– Entire city for #illegals being built in Texas, North of Houston… a BEACH HEAD for invasion

– #California passes $20 minimum wage law that will obliterate the entire fast food industry

– RFK Jr. holds town hall event and announces final warning to #DNC over election rigging

– Will RFK Jr. run as an independent? Does this help Dems, or Trump?


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