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Vic Floods – Resilience 2030 Net Zero (Get them off the Land)

Vic Floods – Resilience 2030 Net Zero (get them off the land)

By DaleHolmes


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Dale, thanks for the detailed info.
Try not to put too much investment into what this government is doing in relation to Agenda 2030, they are getting desperate.
These UN plans were rolled out early due to their military AI revealing an awakening in the global population.They know they have lost and yes this makes them far more dangerous in the short term, but it’s now mathematically impossible for them to be successful and play the long game.
All we need to do is hang on over the summer and let these more obvious events wake the weak minded. They are forced to reveal everything they are doing that was meant to take place gradually over a 10 year period, and now they are caught in a very dangerous catch 22.
Black Rock and Vanguard are bankrupt their funding was critical for The Great Reset property takeover now replaced by desperate Ukraine war “aid”.
Big pharma confidence collapse has just begun, our Australian PM is openly funding nuclear war, Big Tech (NASDAQ) is setting record losses, fiat currencies are about to hit hyper inflation and then the inevitable free fall to zero value (depression) while Biden denies it, meanwhile John Durham is exposing the criminal elite (Clintons/Obamas) on record in front of SCOTUS using FBI agent whistle blowers.
The narrative is falling apart quickly. Mainstream Media is the next causality and once we hit that point ALL of these assholes are on the run.
Stay strong and keep the faith brother!

still waiting for Andrews to go to prison wont happen his untouchable.

flooding out Victoria’s food bowl the pricks!!!

I’d love your opinion regarding David Icke having watched hits Rose/Icke 7 The Trap episode… for someone who has seen the agenda & voiced it for years up till now, why does he never mention the Alliance/Q? Many of us know the dystopian agenda will not be implemented, but surely he would know about the Utopian one? Feedback much appreciated?

Not enough minerals on the planet to make enough batteries for the battery operated cars lol

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