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US Recession May Strike In September 2023

US Recession May Strike In September 2023

By confoundedinterest17

The 12-month-ahead probability of recession spiked in November across all of yield curve models. The deterioration in the outlook was most significant in the one that relies on the 3-month/18-month forward spread — Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s favored model — which now sees a 59% chance of recession next year, compared with almost 0% six months ago. Yield curve models see the strongest signal for recession starting around September 2023.

We assess the probability of recession in the months ahead by looking at a suite of models: three yield curve models — which take as their sole input the spreads between 2-year/10-year, 3-month/10-year, and 3-month/18-month forward US Treasury yields, respectively — as well as a model that takes 13 financial and macroeconomic indicators as inputs.

All three yield curves inverted further in November, indicating higher probability of a downturn next year. Notably, the 3-month/18-month forward curve inverted for the first time this year, and the model based on that indicator suggests a 59% chance of recession in 12 months (vs. 32% for the same reference period in the prior update) — that would be in November 2023.

My favorite yield curve is the 10-year – 2-year curve, which has been inverted for 112 straight days.

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