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Urgent the Final Conflict For Australians

Urgent The Final Conflict For Australians

By The White Rabbit Australia


Here’s what others had to say:

Exactly. Canada Australia and Britain are the testing ground for world domination from WEF and theElite CULT

Mr Magoo hasn’t been sworn in as Prime Minister. No date of a Referendum costing millions of dollars from taxpayers. I never voted for UN, WHO, WEF to insert themselves into my life

Does anyone know where there is a useful flyer on why we should vote no to the voice? Something that can be printed out and distributed EVERYWHERE?

All commonwealth “countries” have already been sold off. you ask why your “king” favors it? take a wild guess

Pre 2019, 95% of any population were useless. I assume in 2023; the number has decreased somewhat. Who will win this tug of war? That will depend on how many sheep turn into lions.

Firstly, it will take a lot more to remove the constitution than a voice to parliament….but I agree and have been telling people for awhile, that the voice is nothing more, than a means to steal the land. What we are dealing with right now, is WW3 led once again by Germans (Charles III and Klaus Schwab), they are the two major architects. Labor and Liberals have been working in unison to destroy this country…..they have been putting land under native title, they plan to have 80% under native title by 2030….this is part of the land theft, because once they can get aboriginals under the constitution, they no longer will hold that native title and it reverts to the government.
Albo has stated that he will hold a referendum for a republic but ‘not in his first term’ (rigged vote), if the republic goes through, then Kim Beasleys comment begins….”The UN has given the government a mandate of ownership for all property, homes, businesses and farms, once a republic has been declared” This has always been about land theft, and they plan to asset strip the land.
The UN has been corrupted, it’s purpose was to help maintain/broker peace throughout the world, they haven’t done very well with that job. Instead they are pushing to take over the world, they are using natives to steal land and they are subverting children to destroy families….. “The United Nations has decreed that elementary schools must teach little kids about Masturbation, sexual behaviours, sexual attraction and sexual stimulation, with the purpose of having sexual partners.”
All is to destroy humanity as it stands….countries need to remove the UN and all its affiliated bureaucracies.

Plebiscite – A direct vote in which the entire electorate is invited to accept or refuse a proposal.
Pleb – An ordinary person, especially one from the lower social classes.
Plebs vote in plebiscites.
Plebiscites give plebs the illusion that they have a voice.

Was just sent this link by a dear friend Carmen Smith Studer – thanks so much for your warning! Much love from Sydney NSW.

Well a lot of the sheeple have lost their lives from the scamdemic/carrots. So hopefully more awake people left to vote No.

Australia was sold in 1975 by the UN at the UN meeting in Lima, Peru in 1975. Check out (on YouTube) the video “Australia’s Lima Agreement”.

America will fail as will all our western nations.
Christianity is the true target and the ‘Voice’ is just one of the major moves to destroy our society. Albanese was in Tamworth this week and what he said in his public speech to them was pure doom but it was obvious that the people of Tamworth were oblivious to what he was actually saying to them.
They should ask the farmers of Denmark what he was telling them. I will say again, Christianity is the only thing between us and them but as we freely throw our Christian law and society to the dogs the globalist laugh with glee.
You may not make the connection and many so called churches have become apostate but this is the beginning of the end of this era. It’s time to get serious about God aka Jesus Christ. Time to get to know Him.

From the US, this is spot on accurate. It really is amazing the masses in this country have no clue what is happening. All the FJB distractions have kept this type of information hidden, with the exception of a few. Thank you for this post. We have to get the real news outside of the US.



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