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Unprecedented Electoral Roll Padding With 1.2 Million Postal Vote Applications is Not a Good Look for the NO Campaign

Unprecedented Electoral Roll Padding With 1.2 Million Postal Vote Applications is Not a Good Look for the NO Campaign

By Cairns News

The AEC has announced that a record 97.7% of eligible Australians are enrolled to vote in the upcoming 2023 referendum making it the largest enrolment in history.

The roll has increased by 447,447 people since the 2022 federal election, a rise of 2.6%. This in itself has all the hallmarks of massive fraud.

More than 8.4 million people on the electoral roll were not enrolled when the last referendum was held in 1999 – this is more than 47% of the electoral roll.

The 8.4 million people includes 6.7 million people who were under 18 (or not born) at the time as well as 1.7 million other people who are new to the roll since 1999 – many of whom are new Australian citizens.

Australian Electoral Commissioner, Tom Rogers said such a complete electoral roll is a result of years of hard work by the AEC.

“With many nations around the world campaigning to get even three quarters of their population enrolled to vote, this result is a continuing source of Australian democratic pride.” Mr Rogers said.

“In between the announcement of the referendum date and close of rolls, approximately 79,000 people were added to the roll with 376,000 other eligible Australians updating their details.”

“The youth enrolment rate has also increased to 91.4% which means approximately 1.8 million 18-24 year olds are ready to vote and have their say in their first referendum.”

In terms of First Nations enrolment, this sits at 94.1% and is the highest it has ever been.”

“Well done Australia. Now it’s time to have your say.”

Lax poll security slammed by Auditor General

Mr Rogers omitted to say voting is compulsory in Australia, being one of the few countries around the world which enforces a ballot and does not require ID to vote. Voting in Australia is a sham.

The claim by Rogers of 94.1 per cent indigenous enrolment is inflated by at least a reported 300,000 white fellas claiming to be blackfellas. Our correspondents report there has been no involvement of the AEC in some Aboriginal communities on Cape York Peninsula and the claim of 94.1 per cent is “ludicrous” our Cape York Peninsula correspondent said.

Rogers regularly meets Australia’s electoral equivalents in Europe, the UK, Canada, and the Asia-Pacific, and earlier this year returned from an overseas trip discussing how the AEC handled the 2022 federal election.

Why would overseas countries want to know how we run elections? China as we know is very interested and has our digital electoral roll, compliments of the socialists in Queensland Labor.

The AEC has begun its misinformation counter-offensive, but there have been too many recorded instances of extensive voter fraud reported to the AEC and the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, where no action has been taken, in fact mostly ignored.

The JSCEM recommended the federal government legislate for voter ID before the last federal elecion but was ignored by the party duopoly. There is no chance of voter ID being introduced by the Labor Party now or in the future. Vote early and vote often the ALP-union nexus says.

Pre-polling for two weeks and 1.2 million postal votes will determine the outcome of the referendum.

This is where major fraud can exist and has done at past elections. Reports and photographs of returning officers or polling booth staff taking ballot boxes home have altered the result at previous elections, yet this travesty is ignored by the AEC.

From Bamaga in the Far North of Queensland to polling booths at Petrie north of Brisbane voter fraud has recently occurred and expected to do so again.

One of Australia’s most astute polling analysts, engineer Lex Stewart of Coffs Harbour turned up 248,000 bogus votes at the same sex plebiscite.

Pre-polling should not exist due the accessibility of cardboard ballot boxes after hours. Political party booth workers provided the AEC with footage and sworn statements of AEC staff taking ballot boxes home from the Petrie booth at the last federal election.

Similar reports have emerged from NSW but no action has been taken.

The large number of expected postal votes is ripe for rorting. The identity requirements are far from foolproof and it is on the record that this loophole has been well exploited over the years.

The question remains that if every state is reporting 40 per cent or less support for the Yes vote, does the AEC have sufficient roll padding to bolster the Yes vote in the required four states?

We are well aware of at least 400,000 bogus names on the roll and since the AEC refused to conduct physical habitation surveys of every Australian household many years ago, it is possible entire blocks of bogus voters at real addresses could be transferred to the weaker states to get them over the line.

This fraud goes unnoticed because the electoral act states rolls used at polling booths to mark off electors as they register to vote are to be shredded soon after the election.

If the compliant media starts a trend claiming the NO vote polling is softening over the next few weeks honest voters can be assured Deep State is setting the stage for a YES result.

Ticks and Crosses

The Liberal’s NO campaign pin up girl, Senator Jacinta Price will not entertain the abundant evidence that the AEC is dodgy. So too Senator Alex Antic who also has maintained voter fraud is off limits for the Liberals.

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