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Turkey Accuses U.S. of Complicity in Istanbul Bombing

Turkey Accuses U.S. of Complicity in Istanbul Bombing

By U In Hurricane

Turkey accuses the U.S. of complicity in the Istanbul bombing.

Interior minister Soylu dismissed condolence messages from Washington, saying this was like “the killer is among the first ones returning to the scene.” He blamed the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, its Syrian affiliate, the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, and U.S. GOVT for the explosion

Cams show the arrested female suspect has crossed into Turkey illegally from northern Syria to carry out the attack. The U.S. has long maintained a military partnership with a Kurdish-led militia in Syria that’s been fighting a war with the Turkish state for decades and is considered by Ankara a terrorist group

Admittedly, this year Turkey’s hit a rough patch with its NATO allies whether they are Greeks or Americans, or even accession candidates. However, flirting with terrorists and financing their activities has become an integral part of U.S. foreign policy. Will Ankara go beyond diplomatic statements in its reaction this time?

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