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They are Trying to Stop Novak Djokovic From Playing the Australian Open for Cheap Political Hits

They are Trying to Stop Novak Djokovic From Playing the Australian Open for Cheap Political Hits

This husband with @Channel9 should be ashamed of themselves for using a death to execute a political hit on the Labor Party. Equal weights and measures were executed on @DjokerNole when he was deported by a minister’s discretionary authority & not a JUDGE!

Djokovic should not be given special treatment, Melbourne widower says

John Delahunty’s wife, Rosemary, was in hospital with terminal pancreatic cancer in January, which meant she could only have one visitor at a time under Victoria’s heavy COVID-19 restrictions.

At the same time, Djokovic was pushing to be let in to play the Australian Open, despite his strong stance against the COVID-19 vaccine.

John Delahunty’s wife Rosemary (R) was dying from pancreatic cancer with heavy COVID-19 restrictions in January, while tennis star Novak Djokovic was pushing to be let into Australia despite his stance on vaccines

With confirmation the multiple grand slam champion wants to return for the 2023 Australian Open, despite receiving a three-year ban from re-entering the country over his vaccine stance, John said the government “should not be giving him special treatment”.

“It really upsets me and not just for me and what my wife and I went through with all of the restrictions in lockdown, but also for the other millions of Australians who actually had to sacrifice and had to do things that they didn’t enjoy, but played by the rules,” he told Today.

“We did as the government and the authorities asked us to do.”

While some people have said time has moved on and Australia should leave the pandemic in the past, John wants the prime minister and immigration minister to stand by the rules they made at the time.

“How can they expect ordinary, everyday Australians to abide by the rules next time when something like this happens again?” he said.

“I am not against Djokovic, I love the tennis and I love watching him play, but everyone has to be treated the same and no special treatment for one man.”


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