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The “Un-Australian” Campaign to Legalise Racism Against Russian Tennis Players

The “Un-Australian” Campaign to Legalise Racism Against Russian Tennis Players

By Aussie Cossack

The Australian Open is taking place in Melbourne this year from the 16th-29th of January. The Ukrainian Ambassador who successfully laundered $650 million from the Australian taxpayer for his mate Zelensky has called for Russian tennis players to be banned from competing in this year’s Australian Open.

The Ukrainian Ambassador has called on Australian Open organisers to send a “strong message” to the Kremlin by banning Russian players from the Grand Slam tournament.

Here’s what others had to say:

Maree Mehmet
Exactly. It’s about Australian values. And one of those core values is that every athlete is free to compete, regardless. To Australians, sport is supposed to be the true leveller. I’m sickened at the escalating fascism being generated from Ukraine.

Mario Donk
There should not be any ban on players based on nationality. Its totally unaustralian.

Sher Bailey
Good on you Aussie Cossack for bringing light to this other wise many would not have known stand up Australians.

Bettina Fullerton
All of this makes me sick, I’m done with other countries telling us what they want us to do. And as for the 655 million that con artist received from us, just image what that could have done for Australians? Makes my blood boil. As for Tennis Australia, they would be beyond stupid to ban Russian players. In fact it would be the final nail in their.

Im very sickened that Australia banned Novak and harrassed him for not taking the vax which is a personal choice. The reason is the tennis is meant to find the best tennis player in the world and by defaulting him for this reason shows that mass corruption is occurring. I dont think things are fair and genuine 1 bit for these reasons.

Incurable Trickster
NO! I did not vote to send Aussie taxpayers’ money to Ukraine.

Maitre Mark
it is not a war against Russia, it is a war against Orthodoxy – Russia is just the largest Orthodox country.

After last years blunder with Djokovic, if this were to happen it would just confirm that the aus open is an illegitimate tournament. I’d hope all the players would refuse to play but after last year I doubt the bootlickers would.

well spoken man… and also any money going to help countries, should be donated by the citizens not the tax money.

All the tennis players in this AO have worked hard to get there. All equally deserve to play and have their countries flag raised high.

Sharon Brown
Australia won’t ban Russians from competing. Wimbledon done it last year and it’s backfired on them big style. A few weeks ago they were fined in excess of a million and told if they done it again they would be removed.


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