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The Truth About Donald Trump

The Truth About Donald Trump

Donald Trump has an editorial in Newsweek.

Outside of having a natural tendency against the liberal establishment in politics, Donald Trump never had any kind of strong political conviction.

Even though he attempted some bold initiatives (like talks with North Korea), his instinct has been to align himself as much as he could with the Republican establishment.

Remember, his talent that he most values is that of “deal maker”. (Art of the Deal).

If you go to lie down with the den of wolves, you gotta at least be wearing a wolf skin.

So what Donald Trump did was to maneuver himself in areas where he didn’t really care to do the will of the neo-Cohens, in hopes that they would work with him on issues that pissed off the liberals.

Donald Trump is not our enemy.

We simple do not have any power, so to align 100% with us would have been political suicide…so to have any chance at getting anything done, he chose to make deals with the devil.

Donald Trump does not want to be Mustache Man 2.0, he wants to be Ronald Reagan 2.0 but with a little more of a populist and anti-establishment edge to his legacy.

I do not harbor any feelings of Ill will toward Donald Trump for this. Our expectations were always unfairly unattainable anyway.

Having said that, the last 4 years have certainly pushed him closer to us, as well as the average working class white guy.

He is hated by the people we hate the most. (Including Republicans).

His continued presence in the political landscape is a beautiful thing to watch, because our enemies rip off their masks for all to see. Donald Trump exposed the illegitimacy of this government.

He exposed the farce of democracy. Only the foolish can’t appreciate that.

BTW, the elite cabal that took down the Trump presidency famously couldn’t resist the temptation to boast about it in Time after Biden was sworn in.

Trump isn’t lying about the Deep State conspiracy against him which began with the Russia Hoax.

It was just so boring at the time – a gigantic nothing-burger of liberal rage on CNN and MSNBC


Donald Trump: The Real Victim of the Russiagate Hoax Wasn’t Me. It Was the American People | Opinion

The report by Special Counsel John Durham makes clear beyond a shred of doubt that the Russia Hoax was the most atrocious weaponization of our government in American history. It was a crime like no other.

Seven years ago, I ran for office taking on all the most corrupt forces and entrenched interests in our nation’s capital. My agenda was an existential threat to a Washington establishment that got rich and powerful bleeding America dry.

I vowed to stop mass illegal immigration, terminate globalist trade deals, end the sellout of our country to Communist China, stand up to the permanent bureaucracy and the corporate media, and break the neocon addiction to endless foreign wars.

In response, an unelected cabal in the senior ranks of our government, in concert with their chosen candidate, Hillary Clinton, and their allies in the media, launched the de-facto coup attempt known as the Russia Hoax.

Their goal was to prevent my election, and failing that, to throw me out of office or sabotage my presidency, undercut my agenda in Congress, block my domestic reforms, and interfere with my foreign policy.

For nearly three years, they carried out a massive disinformation campaign and lawless persecution based on the monstrous lie that I was a traitor to my country.

These Deep State plotters spied on my campaign. They forged false evidence to get illegal surveillance warrants and smear innocent people through leaks to the media. They offered $1 million for a fictitious dossier written by a foreign spy to try to frame me with treason. They shattered countless lives.

The Durham Report proves that the key figures involved knew from the start that the Russia Collusion conspiracy theory was a lie. The FBI launched their witch hunt without a scrap of legitimate evidence—and when they came upon exonerating information time after time, they covered it up and kept the hoax going forward.

Donald Trump

Former U.S. President Donald Trump gestures as he enters the Erie Insurance Arena for a political rally while campaigning for the GOP nomination in the 2024 election on July 29, 2023 in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The sickness was driven from the very top. FBI Director James Comey constantly pressured agents for more surveillance and warrants, demanding to know over and over “Where is the FISA, where is the FISA?”

Barack Obama and Joe Biden were in on it, too. They were briefed in August 2016 on reports that Clinton planned to “vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian Security Services.”

They knew the truth, yet they put our country through hell.

As savage and cruel as the Russia Hoax was for me, my family, my staff, and so many innocent bystanders, the real victims were the American People.

The destruction this hoax caused to America is almost incalculable. It subverted our democracy, it threatened our security, and it endangered our freedom.

At a critical moment when we should have been reducing tensions with Russia, the Russia Hoax stoked mass hysteria that helped drive Russia straight into the arms of China.

Instead of having a better relationship with Russia as I worked to build, we now have a proxy war with Russia, fueled in part by the lingering fumes of Russiagate delirium. Ukraine has been utterly devastated. Untold numbers of people have been killed. And we could very well end up in World War III.

As the Twitter Files have proven, the Radical Left establishment also used the Russia Hoax to attack freedom of speech. They built a sprawling domestic censorship regime under the guise of combatting so-called “Russian disinformation”—which they quickly defined to include any content they did not like.

The intelligence community, the media, and the Silicon Valley tech companies then deployed this very pretext, “Russian disinformation,” to censor the Biden corruption scandal in 2020—censorship orchestrated, as we now know, by the Biden campaign.

In one poll last year, 79 percent of Americans following the story about Hunter Biden’s sordid laptop said truthful coverage of that wrongly censored story would have changed the outcome of the election. Our country is now paying a very steep price.

Perhaps most dangerous of all, the Russia Hoax normalized the weaponization of law enforcement against the Left’s political enemies. The Radical Democrats and their media partners now cheer as Biden’s DOJ demands the FBI investigate parents at school board meetings, deploys heavily armed teams to arrest pro-life activists, and pursues an all-out persecution of Joe Biden’s leading opponent for the presidency.

These corrupted agencies have interfered in every election since 2016—and they are interfering in the 2024 election before our very eyes.

There must be a reckoning. Accountability now lies in the hands of the voters. The Durham Report has made the stakes abundantly clear, and now the choice is ours: either the Deep State destroys America, or we destroy the Deep State.



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