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Summer Operations | The Russians Are Preparing A Major Offensive. Military Summary For 2023.07.03

Summer Operations | The Russians Are Preparing A Major Offensive. Military Summary For 2023.07.03

By Military Summary

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Lindsay Grahams said, we will fight to the last Ukrainian, those people are responsible for one of the biggest human tragedy in modern time.

During just the last month, almost eight thousand Ukrainian attacks were recorded in Belgorod region. These attacks have no military targets in mind, it’s just indiscriminate and largely chaotic shelling aimed at civilian infrastructure.

Enormous losses of Ukrainians with almost minimal territorial gains. Western technique in vain, training in the West in vain.

On July 4, President Vladimir Putin will take part in a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Heads of State Council, which will be held via videoconference under India’s chairmanship.

13. Zelensky’s zugzwang: Ukraine’s ‘blitzkrieg’ strategy has failed, so where does that leave its much-hyped counteroffensive?……………………face-orange-raised-eyebrowface-orange-raised-eyebrowface-orange-raised-eyebrowface-orange-raised-eyebrow
The anticipated ‘blitzkrieg’ strategy was not successful and the Ukrainian offensive became stuck in positional warfare, losing a lot of the military equipment provided to it by the West. By the end of June, Kiev managed to occupy a mere eight villages but was not able to reach the main Russian fortifications.
Kiev and its Western partners are now particularly concerned about the planned breakthrough to the Sea of Azov since the strategic goals of the counteroffensive have failed and the land corridor to Crimea remains under Russian control. So why has Ukraine’s much-hyped operation failed?

The KA-52 footage that is available shows the gunship to be highly effective. It would be interesting to see the Apache is the same environment. Most Apache footage is from Iraq or Afghanistan and often at far closer ranges.

Say what you want, but some time in the beginning of this Putin said that “now the population of East Ukraine will no longer need to live like dogs, from now on any Ukrainians who stir unrest and do terror against Eastern civilian populations will be forced to fight like dogs themselves”. I don’t remember where I heard it or if it is exactly accurate, but it really sat with me and Ukrainians prove themselves worthy of this simplistic label.

You have been exceptionally detailed today especially correcting your errors by which you credited territories Ukraine.

I don’t know if the Russian numbers on destroyed Ukrainian vehicles are true but I definitely wonder why Ukraine start sending soldiers on foot where they have no chance of any evacuations.

Take a closer look at that video, the tanks are not Russian, but Ukrainian and have green paint on the barrel, it’s not the first time that the Ukrainians present as if they destroyed Russian tanks

If Poland advances into Ukraine that means they enter the war and Warsaw can be attacked. The article 5 would not apply sine NATO was not attacked and Poland would be alone in this fight. And I believe Wagner would not in employed in Ukraine so they might attack from Belarus.

This is sad. It’s like watching Zelensky sending a 6 year old little girl into the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime, in a fight to the death. It’s not a fight. It’s a slaughter.

Well done to all the brave Russian soldiers fighting for beautiful Russia and true peace in the world. I pray for you all, sending my deepest respect.
I pray for the Ukrainian soldiers to wake up and surrender, don’t let your lives be wasted for evil money seeking, back stabbing, idiots in your government. Save your lives and join your brothers.

if NATO gets involved in Ukraine, Russia can throw away their body armor and downgrade to AK-47s and flipflops. They can also think about sending some troops to Paris to get rid of Macaroni’s dictatorship, which won’t last any longer than the one in Kabul


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