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Situation Update, Nov 29, 2022 – Why America’s Next Civil War Begins in ARIZONA

Situation Update, Nov 29, 2022 – Why America’s Next Civil War Begins in ARIZONA

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Civil War


– Katie Hobbs is being “installed” in another stolen election

– Globalists need control of Arizona for coming staged PANDEMIC

– Under the guise of public health, political dissidents will be exterminated

– Democrats are waiting for Biden’s signing of the WHO pandemic treaty

– Once signed, the treaty overrides all state, city and county powers

– A massive pandemic will be staged, possibly with chemical weapons

– Once unleashed, the WHO will invoke medical dictatorship powers

– Americans will be ordered into isolation camps and mandatory vaccines

– The emergency will NEVER END because it will always grant power to the corrupt

– How to survive the engineered emergency – have OFF GRID everything

– They will create a financial emergency to shove you into a digital currency trap

– Special report on “mouse utopia” and LGBT signs of cultural collapse

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Life Hacks
The pursuit of happiness is a bit misleading of a concept. Any individual who spends their waking hours trying to make themselves happy is practicing a sort of narcissism. I think it was well said that happiness is like a butterfly. The more aggressively we pursue it, the more determined it is to slip out of our fingers. But if we turn our heart to other pursuits, it comes and lights on our shoulder.
Most of the time when we’re feeling bad it is because we are obsessing about ourselves in one way or another. The vast majority of our cares are rooted in greed, and pride. Remove them and our load becomes considerably lighter.

War over a stolen election?? sheep don’t fight wars they watch football, buy the new iphone, watch sister wives and so forth…war? thats a good one..

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