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Situation Update, Feb 7, 2023 – Earthquakes, Survival and Ending Human Suffering

Situation Update, Feb 7, 2023 – Earthquakes, Survival and Ending Human Suffering

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Earthquakes

13:35 Crisis

19:45 Beyond Meat

28:15 Turkey

– Natural News announces large food donation for (mostly) hungry Americans

– Globalists pushing bugs while claiming EGGS are bad for you

– Are nations covering up vaccine deaths like they’re lying about jobs numbers?

– WHO pushing extreme censorship of anyone who tells the truth

– Fake meat industry is collapsing: Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat both going down

– In Austin, hundreds of local residents fight over dumpster food thrown out by grocery store

– Massive earthquake in Turkey, thousands of buildings destroyed, thousands of deaths

– We can’t control many disasters, but largest source of human suffering is bad government

– Demonic Grammy’s performance sponsored by Pfizer

– Spike protein found to cause ACCELERATED aging

– Another vector of depopulation

Here’s what others had to say:

The Preston Park Panther
Devastating HAARPquake, maybe.

When North Queensland had a massive cyclone the gracious people of Australia donated millions of dollars for relief. We never saw any of it, people were still living in containers and tents five years later. Insurance went through the roof. I believe if you can’t give it directly in food and instead give it to the government the people will benefit nothing. So I’m on the fence when it comes to monetary donations.

Do you know what i think – i think these earthquakes are not just randomly happening in Turkey. I live in Finland and know that the only thing right now standing in between of Finland and Sweden joining NATO. If this happens and we join this freakshow called NATO you know there is going to be a larger scale war around the globe. I think this is more like blackmailing Turkey to back down and say yes to Finland and Sweden joining NATO
About the money – it is sad to see some people be so cold towards the victims in Turkey. They have no fault or choice in this. I am not saying it is American peoples fault they are suffering and stuggling but there just are moments in life where you need to be a kind human and feel for those who are really hurting the most…

Mike, i forget his name, but you need to have that person back on that discusses what haarp is up to. Im hearing that the turkey earthquakes were planned. Mainly to do with turkeys problems with nato. There also recorded flashes that occured leading up to the earthquakes. Would like to hear his take on it.

I’ve been through a 6.9 earthquake in California . It’s so frightening on all levels.
In my experience I don’t believe that any foreign aid, especially small amounts, will ever reach anyone other than the administrators. Sorry to say this but it would help more locally.

Every penny to Americans. We are not responsible for shoddy building practices or poor government oversight overseas. Remember the Beirut port explosion 2021? That was caused by criminal neglect. Explosives left sitting for years. Americans need our help. Every dollar of the billions sent to Ukraine should have gone to homeless fellow citizens, not killing Russians or lining the pockets of foreign scumbags. All charity needs to help Americans get fed and housed.

Mark H
If you want to help the earthquake victims then do a fund raiser for it but you said that this money was for America so people helped out with that in mind. I want my money to stay here in my country.

Gregory Hullmann
Turkey and Syria’s major cities? Please check into sabotage… I’m sure carefully placed underground charges could have been used. Hope not.

Paige Barent
For what it’s worth, I say it’s time that we start helping our own. Our cities are being overrun with homeless people, our government has sold off our emergency grain supply–(et al), our “leaders” don’t even recognize that their own citizens have been disabled–(or worse murdered) by the bioweapon they keep pushing on Americans, and parts of Kentucky and Florida are still a mess from the natural disasters that have recently occurred. Lastly, do you really think that high quality food is going to be distributed by corrupt Turkish officials? I doubt it. They will hoard it for their own families.
I think that your sentiment is admirable, but enough is enough.

Taddie Sy
as far as the grocery store throwing out all the defrosted food – the same thing happened in the Crowsnest pass in Alberta – where the ONLY grocery store had a power outage and thousands of $$ of food had to be thrown out after 12 hours – they couldn’t donate it to the nursing home or homeless people?? I get that the insurance issues with defrosted food – we are talking no more than 12 hours in the winter – insane… and also I think the Turkey and Syria earthquakes are not only a distraction – sadly from not only the deaths and injuries of well over a billion people at this point but also the coming destruction of all the fake money system…..a severe crash is coming –

Isn’t Christianity about helping all people, not just certain people? Maybe I’m missing something. I would donate to Turkey. Humans are humans. Who knows, one day some Turk could save my life, simply because they care for another human being.


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