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Situation Update, Feb 15, 2023 – 99% of Humans are OBLIVIOUS to the REAL Events that Will Determine Their Fate

Situation Update, Feb 15, 2023 – 99% of Humans are OBLIVIOUS to the REAL Events that Will Determine Their Fate

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Predictions

7:37 Mass Shootings

8:31 Ohio Gas Cloud

17:21 Ford Electric Trucks

28:18 Dogecoin

33:16 Illinois Schools

48:03 Energy Crisis

56:40 War

1:09:47 Pure Blood Dating

1:20:14 Wind Turbine Collapse

– Michigan State mass shooter was let off an earlier felony charge by a left-wing DA

– Fighter jet audio confirms mystery objects being shot down were birthday balloons

– More chemicals revealed in the Ohio train crash and intentional IGNITION of the vinyl chloride

– Massive media cover-up continues as fish and animals die off, humans exposed to cancer chemicals

– Thousands of farms impacted, food production will suffer for years

– Biden admin pushing banks to cut off all financial ties to entire #crypto industry

– Binance stablecoin BUSD shut down by regulators; billions of dollars leave Binance

– ZERO literacy demonstrated by students in #Chicago public schools

– Switzerland suffering high inflation as energy costs skyrocket

– Europe has spent nearly $1 trillion subsidizing electricity costs for citizens

– French historian: World War III has already begun, spiraling out of control

– Russia deploys nuclear armed ships into the Baltic Sea

– Illinois Democrats pushing to REQUIRE EV charging stations in all new homes

– But you won’t be ALLOWED to own a gas stove

– Democrats have no clue how the power grid operates

– Ancient human relatives ran tool shops 1.2 MILLION years ago

– Pureblood dating site called “Unjected” also serves as clean blood bank and fertility bank

– Wind turbines keep falling over because green energy libtards don’t understand physics

Here’s what others had to say:

The united states went to china to work on “gain of function” because it was outlawed in the us, then brought the virus back to us, so don’t be fooled, not a china balloon, it was a us balloon, and they are preparing to do something again, we are at war, it just doesn’t look like you thought it would.

Juan Motime
It’s not a war between the east and west, it’s a war between good and evil. jus say’n
“If you are thinking 1 year ahead, plant seeds,
If you are thinking 10 years ahead, plant a tree,
If you are thinking 100 years ahead, educate the people.”
– Chinese Emperor Kuan Tsu, 5th century BC

Unvaxed dating is a great idea. Now we just need unvaxed everything else. It’s really awkward seeing someone you haven’t seen in a while and they want to hug you, and you have to wonder if they’re going to shed something. Maybe someone can make a t-shirt saying: “I only hug pure bloods”. Even that may not be accurate now. We all have some kind of toxic substance floating in our blood. Need a continuous detox regimen just to stay alive. Life is so interesting.

With all the derailment going on across the country, who is doing the train safety inspections the CCP or the railroad companies who refuse to give their workers a day off? Truck driver are pulled over all the time as a spot check. The tanker train was on fire for 40 minutes before it derailed. This is all part of the Animal Farm take over.

Extermination of the gullible is murder. It is a crime that escapes the law because it is not being reported to police. Very few are even considering reporting the crime, of murder using toxic jabs, to police. Most jabbed do not even realize that the jabs are not really tested, and that the jabs have only “experimental usage” approval. So, collect the evidence, record the jabbing and the lack of informed consent that is required for an experimental jab (signatures needed for informed consent). Include real evidence, such as the white clots being found by embalmers, in your evidence collection. Most people do not even realize that the toxic venom peptides in the jabs cause the white clots. Then, when you have enough evidence, report the crimes to police.
Humans need to escape into space for humanity to survive the globalists. So, instead of going to Mars or the moon, building a hollow artificial moon should be the priority. The new moon would be very light, like the old Echo satellites. It could be miles in diameter, and it could contain air, and it could be solar powered. The shell could have water tanks to provide shielding from radiation for the new moon. The new moon could have rocket engines, so that the new moon could make a trip to orbit the moon, for example.
The globalists are insane. They plan to destroy humanity. One example is the “climate change” delusion. Convection controls climate on Earth. For example, the moon is above boiling in daylight. But here on Earth, temperature never gets to boiling because hot air rises into the cold troposphere. CO2 does not affect convection, and so CO2 has zero effect on climate.

Does it seem appropriate to say that Satan’s form suits his purposes? I will list some of the names of Satan – Lucifer – Angel of Light; Devil; Liar; Beelzeboul (bub); Great Serpent; Great Red Dragon; A Roaring Lion; The Deceiver; Father of Lies; Apollyon/Abaddon; Angel of the Abyss; The Evil One; The Enemy; The God of this World; Prince and Power of the Air; The Tempter; Satan; Prince of Evil; The Adversary; The Accuser of the Brethren.
The devil can assume any form he wants, and so can the demons.

Europe could break American by filing suit for damages. I think they should, because, what we did over there was use others to destroy the continent and also destroyed their source of gas. Individuals should group and do a class action.

Albert J
Human Beanz are created in the image of (a reversed negative) God.
Angels are Spirit with Choice of Will. Animals are physical with base fight or flight 2D binary choices. Humans are both spirit and body. One can choose, your closest cousin is angelic, God, Light, Truth, Knowledge, Absolute Freedom-Salvation. Or, Monkey-Animal, Darkness, Ignorance, Dark Hole slavery.

Meanwhile, my 35 year old 6 cylinder f150 continues to haul more than its capacity regularly without any issue whatsoever. I laughed at a Rivian this morning zooming from red light to red light in traffic, carrying absolutely nothing except the airhead in the front seat, but he sure was draining that battery fast! When I have a load exceeding the weight of my pickup, I make a point to park next to the pretty plastic “trucks”. It’s always hilarious to watch them check my tag and be shocked that I pull something like that 3 counties and 2 mountains away! Usually they take a walk around nodding in approval before getting in their power wheel.


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