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Situation Update, Dec 20, 2022 – Massive Migrant INVASION of the United States Just Days away, will FLOOD America with Illegals

Situation Update, Dec 20, 2022 – Massive Migrant INVASION of the United States Just Days away, will FLOOD America with Illegals

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

1:25 Mysterious Shockwave

4:40 Back to Earth Problems

5:55 Title 42

21:05 Vaccines

33:13 Swastika Crossword

41:45 Extermination Tactics

– Coronal Mass Ejection shock wave CRACKS Earth’s magnetosphere, allowing deadly radiation to flood in

– Kari Lake wins right to have voter fraud case heard in court

– Title 42 about to end, Justice Roberts grants temporary pause on takedown

– Once ended, 14,000 illegals PER DAY will flood into the USA

– El Paso declares emergency, Denver and NYC panic over expected invasion

– Americans being displaced at homeless shelters by illegals

– Americans being evicted from apartments, replaced by illegals packed in

– Facebook censorship ops run by CIA, FBI, NSA and DHS

– Ron Paul calls to abolish the FBI

– #FDA confirms “signal” of cardiovascular clots caused by covid #vaccines

– Vaxxed people keep dropping dead in India

– Vaxxed football players are suffering injuries at a shocking pace

– NY Times publishes giant swastika to confirm Nazis are still in charge

– Operation Paperclip and the Fourth Reich run US institutions

– New Zealand orders family members, neighbors and friends to TURN IN dissenters

– Anyone who disagrees with the government is labeled a terrorist

– WHO claims anti-vaxxers are mass murderers

– Bloomberg headline calls for domestic terrorism in the name of eco-activism

– Features professor calling for activists to blow up pipelines and burn all cars, trucks and trains

– Corporate media goes all-in with eco-fascist terrorism and property destruction

Here’s what others had to say:

Shockwave eh? Is that the excuse for the increased cancer in people, 5G or the man made weather?! I think I’ll go blow some ref whistles to college football players so they die of heart attacks… I don’t believe anything the media blasts. If you still trust the science at the point, you are lost.

The sad thing that will happen is that millions of jasbed Americans will die in 2023 and beyond and the migrants move in on the empty space. This is history repeating itself when children were sent around the world from the UK to towns and cities which were empty from a mass genocide. Time to stand up people.

Steve Stojanovich
DR. RASHID BUTTAR did not get the vaxx. He did get ill from someone shedding, almost died. He went to Dr. Ardis who found venom from 3 different snakes in Buttar’s blood.

That’s awfully big Leap from a crossword puzzle that looks like a diamond shape to saying that Nazis secretly run America!
(There’s another group that actually runs America, but it ain’t Nazis.)

Mike, intel coming from different UK sources posted on 12/19/22 gives a glimpse of what’s to come in UK and possibly in America also, but takes us farther into the future than your video. You say, “Democrats love illegals, illegals are displacing the American homeless, etc.” First, let me relay the UK INTEL in the order of the EVENTS AS PLANNED. Lastly, I’ll name the SOURCE. 1–British Black Watch Troops are training foreign young lads (sound familiar to “illegals”/”Migrants”?) from Albania, Iraq, and Afghanistan; training is conducted in Italia [Italy?], and trainees sign NDAs. 2. New prisons are intended for the UNJABBED. 3–People will start dying in incredible numbers–Anyone who has an active ingredient [from the JAB] is doomed. Former Pfizer exec Dr. Michael Yeadon (not intel source): Nothing can reverse that. 4–Another variant & lockdown. 5–The foreign young lads trained by UK/British Military Black Watch would be happy to drag the unvaxxed to the new prisons. 6–There isn’t going to be a UK. Foreign young lads will replace them. (SOURCE: UK embalmer John O’Looney: Black Watch Troops have told me this is the plan; still think Covid and depop agenda wasn’t planned?)

Mike, I hope you continue doing these reports. Your voice of reason is so important in the ever-growing mental institution that is our world. I’m so grateful for having this place to come back to for sanity.

Vaccines.., well, we did not have any. There were experimental use only drugs to be used to see how many get killed and injured. No vaccines…,

I believe Ardis is dead on. We are not going to be right trying to figure all of this out. Those that died immediately after being injected looked like exactly venom!
What is going on with NAZI persons Hair. I hope that doesn’t catch on. Monsters!

Jail is too good for the satanic worshipping and possessed, corrupt to the core treasonous, murderous criminal rat bastards. I would not want to be any of them and die in an unrepentant state and have to face God’s judgement of unrepentant sinners who have rejected His Gospel message and free gift of salvation through God”s only Son, our Lord, Messiah and Savior Jesus Christ. Yeshua Hamaschiach….Shalom from Canada and wishing you Mike and your family a safe, healthy and blessed Christmas and all the best for the New Year🙏
Your daily updates, news analysis and coverage of US and world events on the clot shots and other globalist evil machinations are much appreciated and valued. Thank you for all your hard work in preparing and presenting all this valuable information

It all is very sad! These people coming over here are going to die. This isn’t Disneyland. Why were the camps built? Yes, it is very bad. We will see the dead laying everywhere. NO money, no food, no more life.

New Zealand is bringing back the Nazi Stazis, who were rewarded informants by the SS during WW2

Something new to add to systemic collapse of essential resources. ECOSPHERE COLLAPSE! Yeah, it just gets better and better.
Earth is loosing its ability to support life. Look at the rate of species going extinct, insects, birds, fish, & animals. Now humanity is on the chopping block. 2023 will be the year of sorrows! Three types of people will emerge, the dead, the walking dead, and soon to be dead!
After all, they’re the ones that brought us all here. Right?

Disinformation Enforcement Machine = DEM? Made me think of an idea for a t-shirt: “official member of the three letter agency GOD” or something along those lines.


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