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Secret Communist Plot Behind ‘Voice To Parliament’ Exposed

Secret Communist Plot Behind ‘Voice To Parliament’ Exposed

By Blacklisted Research

The voice of parliament is the new agenda for Australia, and the support behind this big push is anything but grassroots. Aboriginal activists and communists have been calling for this for years! Be sure to check out the video as the truth might shock you!

Here’s what others had to say:

OMFG, this is absolutely brilliant. This is one of the BEST docos I have seen in years. No bullshit, no sugar coating, and full of researchable facts.
Well done.

Thank you for your time in making this video. It’s an uncomfortable truth that needs to be plainly stated.

I’m voting NO.
The decision will ultimately come down to the rest of Australia and I’m reasonably confident at this stage that the proposal will be rejected.

This is exactly what everyone needs to know! If you had a shorter clip of 30-60sec we could distribute this message easier. Great job guys keep up the good work.

Voting NO anyway but this is great information. Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

wow! great research i’ve always had a bad feeling about BLM, aboriginals, labour and the left wing media.

This is excellent information. Very scary what they are trying to do. On the upside, they are having a hard time selling this to the Australian people. Being that it is a top-down initiative and NOT in any way grass-roots.

The only reason big business and corporations are on board is because they don’t want to be cancelled or call racist. The NRL supported the voice, so I cancelled my club membership. If i see a sign that says I support the voice, I take my money elsewhere, and everyone should do the same

Without a lie. My grandma said when we talked about pop and the war. She said I pray you never witness war but the commies will try and come through the back door.
I nearly fell over when you said that.

This overthrow tactic using indigenous people at times of political transition is also what happened in East Timor and Malaysia when communists tried to take over. They are ever ready.

Fantastic vid. I knew about Bezmenov and many of the modern day activists, but had not heard of Geoff McDonald before. Many thanks for leading me to his books and for the research you put into this vid. Excellent.

Communism has been always operating by stealth but Austalians have been lulled into comfortable apathy and a belief that it was killed off here decades ago.

People need to realise that Aboriginals are not one race. they are 5+ races over 250+ tribes. never united, nor owned all the land. Settlers claimed land between the tribes and are First Nations people too.

Thomas Mayo is mother Eastern European and father Philippine this does not make him aboriginal..he may have been born in Torres straight but that again does not make him aboriginal. Well researched and presented VLOG.

Thankyou for putting this together. The voice won’t make a blind bit of difference to the indigenous people who need the most help the money will be gobbled up by the indigenous industries which need to be audited.
Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine know all this and that’s why they get vilified.

Excellent video with very important information. I can remember reading Red Over Black in the 80s. Unfortunately, the majority of Australians always remain clueless about how they are manipulated.
There’s one problem with the video. When you talk about Bruce Ruxton, you have used video of a comedian imitating Ruxton, not the man himself.

When any people reject God, and his commandments, and to keep them, refuse to read the scriptures and understand them. Then they give place to dissenters who adhere to the doctrines of Satin, which is contention and division. The values of Liberty and Freedom for all, no mater what race, or station in life, all one the children of God, are the doctrines and values of God, who is our Father in Heaven.

Seperate nation is a common nation. Similar to how the muslim military in the Philippines. An autonomous region.
However, being an immigrant from a developing nation. Its appalling to learn that countries like Australia is supporting communism and discrimination and using the indigenous people in their political gains.
Communism is anti poor and anti workers. And definitely anti indigenous rights.


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