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Russia ‘Kills’ 4800 Troops, Dodges Hundreds of Ukrainian Attacks; Week of ‘Weak’ Offensive For Kyiv

Russia ‘Kills’ 4800 Troops, Dodges Hundreds of Ukrainian Attacks; Week of ‘Weak’ Offensive For Kyiv

By Hindustan Times

It was a week of ‘weak’ offensives for Ukraine against Russian armed forces. According to the Russian defence ministry, Ukrainian forces faced a series of defeats throughout the last 7 days, in which they lost as many as 4,800 troops. Ukraine’s offensive is set to enter its third month but has yielded no major results yet. This report has full information.

Here’s what others had to say:

This is the result of a country becoming pawn to other countries 😞 so very painful to see toll it takes on humanity.. directly and indirectly.. consequences of not choosing a good leader.. on the very second day, Z said “will fight until the last man stands”.. And he made that statement when peace was still an option.. and indirectly every common man is impacted in this world.. shortage of food, rising prices.

I hope peace is being restored as fast as possible. There is no winner in any wars, only cries of families all over the world.

Dying for the right to join a military alliance (NATO) is probably the dumbest thing l have ever witnessed.

Message to Ukrainian troops: If your “allies” don’t dare to fight, but they ask you to fight. Something is wrong. They are not your allies. You should not fight their proxy war. It’s not worth dying for US interests and Elensky’s palaces.

F16 pilots crashed into each other before war, during training. The famous pilot who pushed by Zelensky on media died due to inexperienced. F16 required years on training even for experienced pilots. But Ukraine pilots are all newly trained from start of war. All the experienced were dead when war started.

American servants are suffering till the bitter end till the last one!It was their choice!No mercy.

Nothing demonstrates vanity of human kind than such deaths! No sane person should celebrate any deaths from wars! It is sad that there are still people who count more money in their pockets from these deaths!

Russia going in and defending Russians in Crimea from Ukrainian abuse and murder is not an invasion. It’s a liberation. Victory to Russia.

No military formation can sustain such levels of human/ manpower capacity losses whether in the short term, mid or long term basis….a moment of capitulation is certainly looming in the horizons and a major and well coordinated offensive may well bring this about!!!

Ukraine offensive has yielded no results after 3 months. Well done to Zelensky he is keeping his promise to the last Ukrainian which will suit Russia just fine.

Message to Ukrainian troops You should not fight their proxy war. It’s not worth dying for US interests and Elensky’s palaces.

If Ukraine are losing men at this rate the families of these men must be in complete turmoil, enough is enough lay down your arms vlad is not the enemy.

Thank you for a more truthful summary of the big picture instead of the constant hyped up concentration by both Western propaganda and military analysis [so-called] channels on the ruins off Robotyne which is just turning into a self-inflicted cauldron for Ukrainian forces anyway.

the F16 is a great fighter but has one fatal flaw. The F16 is very easy to track on radar. So it is very easy to spot and very easy to get missile lock on it. IF the F16s are brought into this war, they will be very easy for Russia to shoot down with even their low-end missile defense systems. NATO knows this so would be stupid to send them but hey, NATO has done many foolish things in this war.

This is an opportunity for the F-16 to be tested as with the other Western equipment. I am sure the world is waiting with bated breath for the outcome. So much money has been spent on military equipment, but not many have been tested in actual combat.

Ukrainian army is basically done at this point. The well-trained,experienced fighters have already been eliminated and now Ukraine is fighting with inexperienced conscripts with few weeks of training. No wonder they are taking such extraordinary causalties. Many of these poor men were coerced into being cannon fodders in this war.
Unless Americans/NATO get fully involved in this war, Russia’s victory is inevitable.
If they really have guts and are not just cowards, the Americans,canadians and western europeans should start fighting their own wars with an equal opponent and not outsource their dirty work to someone else.

U.K. News: They can’t find enough translators to teach the Ukranians how to read the English directions!!

Russia should be setting a personal target of 1000 ukrainian troops down each day. They are falling just a little short but still time to improve.


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