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Related To Queensland Shootings – Nathaniel Train

Related To Queensland Shootings – Nathaniel Train

By Aussie_Solutions

On 23 Aug 22, Murat Dizdar from Dept Education (DOE) was grilled over the ‘NAPLAN cheating scandal’ at Walgett, NSW.

A boy who was unable to read had a score of 34/36.
He was related to Anne Dennis – the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group president & the NSW Aboriginal Land Council chair for the North West region.

Nathaniel Train was trying to get NAPLAN tests observed to prevent cheating. It required a staff vote to do this.
It’s uncertain from the documentation whether this occurred.

The NAPLAN cheating scandal is much bigger than Walgett.

It is a HUGE scandal & mainstream media have been quiet about it. Could this be corruption from high places!?

It would seem that educating Australian Indigenous children is secondary to making (a lot of) money. This is (part of) what Nathaniel Train was trying to expose.

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