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Queensland Police Shooting will be used by the Globalists

Queensland Police Shooting will be used by the Globalists

Australian National Review Founder says “To be aware that the Globalists owned media will try and use the Queensland Police shooting to push digital ID control over Australians, & to make out right-wing extremism is responsible. When it’s obvious, it’s the extreme left, woke virus that is a deadly threat to humanity. As they fall for all the conspiracy theories of Channels 7,9,10, ABC, CNN, etc. who push them, such as Covid was a Global Pandemic, vaccines were safe effective, and necessary as is Global Communism.

This is a direct threat to our society, & the woke virus must be eradicated before we are all living in a Global Tyranny.
The Globalists are desperate, and won’t stop at either co-ordinating mass shootings as they have in the past, or ensuring they take advantage of them, to mislead the public to support their extremism, which they fool the extreme left to believe in.
It’s time Australia said no to conspiracy theory TV channels and Govt propaganda..

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