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Prigozhin On Passenger List’: Russia Releases Details Of Plane Crash Involving Wagner Boss

Prigozhin On Passenger List’: Russia Releases Details Of Plane Crash Involving Wagner Boss

By Hindustan Times

Wagner Mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin was on the passenger list of the plane that crashed in Russia, but it wasn’t immediately clear if he was on board. A plane carrying three pilots and seven passengers that was en route from Moscow to St. Petersburg went down more than 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of the capital, according to officials cited by Russia’s state news agency Tass. Watch.

Here’s what others had to say:

Traitors are definitely involved. Some people can do anything to please outsiders.

What an unfortunate coincidence ! That the windows of a flying plane happen to be much higher up than, the windows and balconies on very tall buildings that Prigozhin carefully kept avoiding.

It was not just Prigozhin, it was Utkin on board, too, with their top commanders. Huge blow to Wagner

There is accountability in the Russian system. Misdeeds do not long go unpunished.

Inevitable. People were expecting him to fall from a hotel window, but fell from the sky.

Never give a sniper a second shot at you… even if he is your brother… but until proven dead Pirozghin is still alive.

RIP soldier world remembers your contribution to Mother Russia when she needed you the most.

It’s a message to all Russians, certain line they’re not allowed to cross under any circumstance

This could be a prank…
Russia wants to check what France would do in Nigeria and Poland would do to Belarus..
Then suddenly Prigozhin will appear from nowhere.

“Loyalty” is the most important in any organization. Without that, a person is deemed useless. Likewise “Patriotism”. A country’s well being is supported by patriotic citizens and a good governance, without which, that country may not survive and easily annex by neighbors or other stronger countries.

He just got a new identity. Same as with Eppstein, who is still alive! As long as there is no DNS proof of his dead body, he is alive!

there was another article that only 8 bodies discovered. Prigozin owned 2 planes, the 2nd plane returned to Moscow

Prigozhin is like a hot cake in world of geopolitical arena.. specially in africa together with its PMC wagner.. as we have noticed the fall of colonialism over africa is quite very effective thru military coup with the back up of pmc against the western… prigozhin is among the top list of powerfull man right now… remember that we are in the age of remote control like drone… his plane could be replicate like remote control.

Russia should officially confirm whether Prigohsin had boarded the flight and not go by the report that his name was on the passenger list.
His remains if deceased should be confirmed by DNA tests.

He shouldn’t have been in Russia that was the deal. Not a lot to ask after the stunt he pulled which cost Russian pilot lives. Guy was a billionaire who could have chilled but he was junky you craved power.


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