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Peta Credlin Investigates ‘The Cult of Daniel Andrews’

Peta Credlin Investigates ‘The Cult of Daniel Andrews’

By Sky News Australia

A Peta Credlin investigation explores the motivations behind the Victorian Premier’s rise to power and his leadership of the state.

Here’s what others had to say:

Vera Fachara
The one thing that you did not mention is the thousands of nurse, healthcare workers and paramedics that have been sacked because of their refusal to get vaccinated. This is probably the biggest contribution to the health crisis we are now experiencing. Why is this never talked about?

Smashy Potato
Vicpol protect Catherine Andrews.
Everyone should say no to a breath test.

Joyce Baron
This needs to be aired on a current affair and 60 minutes, make sure it reaches as many people as possible.

Andrew H
He never would have got away with what he did if it wasn’t for the assistance of the mainstream media.

All Police protocals went out the window in relation to this incident. Why, because Andrews owns / runs the Police?

Helen Gormlie
Thank you to our firefighters across Australia. You continually put your lives on the line for others.

Leon Diako
The fact that Dan Andrews is still running for premier, and still appears in public shows his level of shamelessness. He is evil.

Anyone outside of politics would be jailed for doing what he’s done . Zero accountability for politicians needs to end.

The cops knew precisely what they were doing when they didn’t conduct a breath test at the accident scene. They also knew what they were doing when they allowed the car to leave and not secure the scene for expert analysis. I imagine these decisions came from the top of ViPol after a frantic phone call by one of the attending officers. Someone was nearly killed or could have died in hospital for god’s sake, Vicpols story should be tested before a court.

Locking down those poor people, a lot of them immigrants, in those tenement towers was one of the first signs that Victoria was going to suffer. I won’t ever forget what he did to those people and how he treated them.

All I ask is that every single Victorian watched this before the election next weekend. Put 1 hour aside from your Facebook, tinder, twitter and instagram and watch this video. Thank you Peta.

Scovid Cafe
Just a reminder that around when the lockdowns commenced in 2020, jobs and businesses lost and in peril, our humble leader gave himself an 11.8% payrise, and another two 2.5% rises since then. Good bloke, one of the people…Cheers, big ears…

Michael Joseph
Wish this would be seen by more people. Victoria isn’t the same under Andrews, it’s divided it’s soulless… and sadly people will vote him back in even after seeing the way he behaves and being locked down for 260 days.

Pallet Racking QLD
Please Victorians, don’t give up hope. Share this doco to everyone you know and let it help them make an informed decision.

I hope many Victorians watch this and do not vote this narcissist back into power. He has caused epic damage and will continue to do so.


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