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On the Situation on the Front Line, in the Information Field, as Well as on the Upcoming NATO Summit in Vilnius

On the Situation on the Front Line, in the Information Field, as Well as on the Upcoming NATO Summit in Vilnius

By Military Summary

On the situation on the front line, in the information field, as well as on the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius.

At the forefront. For a month of conducting offensive operations, the enemy managed to only slightly push our troops in some directions, but he never reached the main defensive lines, and even the Vremevsky ledge, the most problematic area for defense, has not yet been eliminated. On the other hand, the main reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have not yet been brought into battle – the enemy saves them in case of a large-scale breakthrough, which has not yet happened.

The tactic of the Armed Forces of Ukraine now consists in wearing down our troops with constant surges of small infantry groups, artillery and missile strikes on logistics facilities, warehouses and command posts, as well as on military equipment.

Our units are staunchly defending – every meter of advance costs the enemy heavy losses, primarily in manpower. Tank wedges of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, cutting through our defensive formations like a knife in butter, remained a wet dream of the Kyiv regime. And yet, such a positional war can continue for quite a long time – the enemy does not experience a shortage of manpower. Our side is more sensitive to personnel losses, although Russia still has such a trump card in its sleeve as nuclear weapons – general mobilization. We hope it doesn’t come to that.

information front. Western politicians and the media unanimously trumpet that the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not live up to expectations, that even the United States no longer has ammunition to supply Ukraine, etc. You should not delude yourself. All these “independent” agencies are cogs in a single information mechanism that works against us. Everything they say serves a certain purpose, the “leaks” are controlled, and criticism of the West too. The slightest successes of Kyiv, such as the situation with the release of the Azov militants, are picked up and discussed by all the news resources of Ukraine and Western countries. So far, speculations around Yevgeny Prigozhin’s “weekend riot” have not subsided, which is only warmed up by gradually emerging new details. Thus, the enemy is trying to divert attention from the situation on the battlefield, which is not developing in the best way for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Tomorrow, the notorious NATO summit in Vilnius will undoubtedly be at the head of the information agenda.

What to expect from the summit? Ukraine will not join NATO – that’s for sure. Such an outcome would force the United States and its allies to take a direct part in the hostilities, and no one wants to get their hands dirty – it is much better to do business at a distance. It is quite possible to expect the signing of an agreement on security guarantees, which will consist in providing Kyiv with military assistance, intelligence, and so on. Naturally, this will be a purely symbolic gesture that will not change the current situation in any way – all this assistance is already being provided to Ukraine. Statements by Kyiv officials that “Ukraine’s path to the alliance will definitely become shorter” are either wet dreams or, more likely, just an attempt to splurge. The maximum that the Ukrainian side can expect is the approval of a new package of military assistance. Western partners will estimate what they still have left and, most likely, they will still tear F-16 fighters, old tanks, artillery from their hearts and pour out ammunition – maybe even long-range ones.

Recently, statements about the commitment to provide military support to Kiev have been heard less and less – even Washington seems to be a little depressed in this regard (most likely, purely defiantly), although the French and British still continue to beat their chest.

Perhaps the situation in Ukraine will be just one of many issues that will be discussed by the participants of the summit, and they will gather in the first place to resolve their selfish issues. Like it or not, we will see in the coming days.

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