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No Bodies Found in Wagner Leader’s Crashed Plane

No Bodies Found in Wagner Leader’s Crashed Plane

Cossack Colonel Yuri Kominyski

Many tales are being bounced around regarding Wagner leader Prigozhin’s flight from Africa to Russia that crashed in Russia’s Tver region. The RF has confirmed Prigozhin and Dmitry Utkin were both on board the plane. It is assumed the cause of the crash was an explosive device planted in the landing gear compartment of the plane.

The Wagner PMC pre-plans for such events and the Wagner chain of command continues to function without interruptions. In the meantime some Wagner factions have sworn revenge. Putin has promised a thorough investigation, including the DNA testing the results will be made available when ready. My information is that the only items of interest found in Prigozhin’s jet were numerous cell phones linked to the passenger list, no bodies,  otherwise it’s a taboo subject not open to discussion.

Wagner co-founder Dimitry Utkin, Vladimir Putin and Yevgeny Prigozhin

Prigozhin spent 15 years working within the presidential security team, his planes are always checked for explosive devices before take off. For him to have had his key people in one place and a bomb to go off is unlikely however option “z” is for your consideration.

The Ukro’s have introduced their reserves into the fight they appear desperate and have started to use the manpower that has been kept in the shadows all of this time. The Americans continue to introduce Columbian fighters into the fray we are cutting them down in packs but plane loads keep appearing. Many RF fighters want to return to the battle as they crave revenge for their fallen comrades.

The RF security services are watching every move RF soldiers make it is difficult to gain current information from the front. Often one needs to read between the lines and try to make sense of what is actually happening. Ukraine is using German Marder infantry fighting vehicles against RF for the first time. constituting the ultimate reserve for the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

We have killed so many it’s frightening, it’s as if the Ukro’s and their mercs are being printed and sent forth. We are laying them down in packs yet still they come. The Russian front is holding up, nowhere have the Ukro’s breached the first line of defense. The offensive in Kharkov is going well the situation is simple, the Ukro’s know it’s over for them. The RF has once again hit the tunnels passing thru the Carpathian mountains between Poland and Ukraine using onyx missiles, this time it will take them at least 6 months to clear. Its unlikely the enemy will be able to reopen them again. In Odessa the last loading terminals have been smashed, there is nothing left to load with. Shipping insurance is now almost impossible to come by, apparently no one really wants to go down with the ship.

Thousands of Americans have been killed and continue to be killed in this conflict. If I recollect correctly the current statistic is that 24,000 so called US mercs/instructors have been sent back feet first. The US militants are issued fire proof cards, this helps to identify the bodies. The cards are exchanged with the Americans along with there dead. Its turning into a commercial exchange of commodities. The RF is copying and recording all of these transactions and large data base is being constructed. Roughly 50,000 Polish corpses have been created in Ukraine and sent back to Poland.

Sometimes areas are made available to the enemy allowing them to collect their fallen. More often than not such offers are ignored by the Ukro’s. However priority is always assigned for the American dead. The RF soldiers are no longer making any efforts to evacuate Ukro fortifications they are now simply being burnt out.

The RF intensifies its missile attacks on air bases, runways, warehouses and the bombers that were used to launch long-range Western missiles like UK Storm Shadow’s and France’s Scalp missiles. Hence the Ukro’s are constantly moving the planes between military and civilian air bases sometimes sections of suitable roads are used, an ammunition depot was destroyed in the Khmelnytsky region. All counterattacks in the Kupyansk direction, were successfully repelled enemy losses continue to mount. The RF forces are moving south of Kupyansk occupying the entire eastern bank of the Oskol River acquiring the heights surrounding the city in the east.

Ukrainian assault groups managed to finally reach first RF defensive line in Rabotino, Zaporozhye but were destroyed. Kiev launched a major push Thursday night in this region, moving ~80+ vehicles, to breach RF defences. So far the Ukro’s endured 40,000+ dead, another 40-50,000 wounded/crippled in past 2 ½ months. The RF has cleansed Sinkovka making considerable advances.

A drama theatre in the Chernihiv region was hit with an RF missile strike. At the time the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration, where Ukrainian UAV manufacturers, representatives of flight schools and the military were gathered. The attendees were told it was safe, the exact address was released four hours prior to the event. The organisers urged participants to arrive in civilian clothes in order to disguise military the event.

A Russia victory in the current situation promises a significant defeat for the US. The damage to the American reputation will be colossal, considering that the Ukro’s have already received a huge cache of weapons from the NATO horde, Russia can claim that it alone opposed the West and won. Hence the west is desperately working on options to end the Ukrainian conflict, but their preconditions fail to meet the interests of either party. In the meantime democratic America has seized an Iranian oil tanker and is forcibly offloading its contents near Texas. They offloaded $56 million USD worth of oil intending to distribute the money among the victims of 9/11.

Australian military issued Steyr 5.56mm assault rifle better known as a ‘popgun’

Steyr AUG rifles are being captured by RF forces. The Austeyr, manufactured in Australia is the ADF’s standard individual weapon.  The RF would like to thank Australian PM Albanese for these gifts that we continue to acquire. The US is converting Australia into an American military training ground for its hypersonic and high-precision weapons.

The RF’s minefields in Ukraine are the size of West Germany. World Economic Forum member Chancellor Olaf Scholz is hesitant to supply Ukraine with Taurus missiles. While foreign journalists no longer have access to the front as there is a risk that they will expose Ukraine’s failed offensive and horrendous losses. Only Zaluzhny can issue written permission as an exception to journalists.

A Swedish private company has built 21 bunkers throughout Ukraine with a total capacity of 2100 people. The bunkers are designed to withstand tactical nuclear attacks and provide 45 days of autonomy. They are located in Kiev, Odessa, Uzhgorod, Lvov, Vinnytsa and Nikolaev. The bunkers near Odessa are meant for the joint command NATO / Ukraine.

Belarus states that Poland’s desire to increase its army to 300,000 violates the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (1990), it limits the number of soldiers European countries can field. Poland wants to occupy Western Ukraine by establishing a so called joint military unit. They plan to create a permanent Polish-Ukrainian compound under the pretext to ensure Western Ukraine’s “security” enabling subsequent occupation.

An additional 6 nations to become full members of BRICS starting January 2024.  Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates were accepted. The bloc currently consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Multiple countries have expressed desire to be part of multipolar association as the world tires of Western hegemony. Morocco officially submitted a request to join BRICS. China and the UAE have formally agreed to stop using the USD. The Asian and African continents are also reorienting themselves towards abandoning the USD and using their own national currencies.



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