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New Zealand Documentary Memorial Day (Silent No More NZ)

New Zealand Documentary Memorial Day (Silent No More NZ)

By SilentNoMoreNZ1


New Zealand Documentary Release: Memorial Day

A powerful story of the “Memorial Day” event, and the delivery of a petition to New Zealand’s Parliament in Wellington.

Brave injured people and their families gather together to share their grief and suffering at a memorial service for Rory Nairn, who died as a result of the newly invented pharmaceutical. all those who have suffered injury. This peaceful event is interrupted by a large police presence, low flying helicopters and police photographers snapping images of the sick and suffering, some in wheelchairs, for “intelligence gathering purposes.”

This is a story of a simple want for acknowledgement from government, media and medical fraternity of the injury and death caused by a newly invented pharmaceutical.

The documentary follows the stories of Casey Hodgkinson, Rob Martin and Sarah Carter, along with the first ever interview with Brett and Chris Nairn, parents of Rory Nairn, who lost his life to myocarditis in November 2021. His death was confirmed by the coroner as caused by the newly invented pharmaceutical, which had been mandated and forced onto the New Zealand public, through their work places and their everyday lives.

Last Christmas, people were intentionally divided and separated from their families at the encouragement of the New Zealand Government and its media propaganda machine. People were influenced to exclude family and friends who did not agree to take this newly invented pharmaceutical. Many injured have suffered the double insult of their friends and families turning their backs, and with doctors either not knowing what to do, or ignoring with fear of retribution from peers and medical boards, or just not caring at all.

This Christmas is the perfect time to release this documentary, so that families and friends can support their injured family members, and that those who see no wrong in this product can look deep inside themselves and find empathy for those that’s outcome from taking this newly invented pharmaceutical, which has been incredibly devastating to their health and has caused loss of life.

The fourth ‘official’ death from myocarditis caused by the newly invented pharmaceutical was reported in the New Zealand media on the December 14, but without any details of the victim’s age or sex. Why? The injured New Zealanders ask for simple public acknowledgment without ‘gaslighting,’ along with medical acknowledgement and support.

Empathy has been critically missing in these stories, and for all of the now 65,148 New Zealanders who sustained an injury from this pharmaceutical (note: Medsafe report #46 excludes the other brand of pharmaceutical used which shows 319 AEFI Reports *report #45). The two products combined have officially now caused four deaths (with others still under investigation) and a total of 65,148 reports, of which 3,709 are ranked serious.

As Chris Nairn says in the documentary: “Find your strength with others and don’t be shut down and isolated. Find people that will support you and hear your story because you are one of many.”

And as the Nairn family spend their Christmas without their son Rory, Brett Nairn expresses some of the comfort that Rory’s story is being told.: ”I feel like there’s purpose in this, as tragic and terrible as it is. Rory hasn’t died in vain, that’s why we want to tell people what’s happened. That’s why we want to share.”

To Jacinda Ardern, all those in parliament and the mainstream media this Christmas, the final word from Casey Hodgkinson: “You say ‘be kind.’ Where is that kindness? We trusted you, you used that and it really hurts. We are just people dealing with so many horrible things and you put so much more hurt on us and maybe you don’t understand or maybe that’s just ignorance, but it’s time to try to understand and be compassionate and ‘be kind’.“

“I would like to dedicate this documentary to my late mother Judy who sadly passed on the 8th of December 2022. She was my rock and was extremely proud of everything I’ve done to support the injured and lost loved ones. My mother the woman who made me who I am today, love you forever mum. Our guardian angel.” – Anna Hodgkinson

We are giving the documentary to everyone via the dropbox link below, and on platforms where you can watch and download and upload to all platforms you have.

These New Zealanders deserve their story to be told!

Youtube has already banned this video from upload though we are appealing this decision.

Here’s what others had to say:

Jacinda Ardern is a devote, fawning, disciple of WEF & Klaus Schwab. She was following Klaus around at the G20 like a lap dog. What an idiot!

There must be accountability for the deaths, injured and the economic devastation they caused – and even worse – the continuing cover up of it all. I wonder if the world will ever be righted again, some days. Maybe not for another generation or two…perhaps never. This is what happens when evil is allowed to flourish and good men sit idly by and do nothing about it.

The cover up, censoring, riduculing and ignoring is not just in NZ. I recently visited my home country in EU and it is the same there. The governments are all reading from the same script dictated by the WEF and the Elite! The goal is; depopulation and the elite have openly talked about this. Evil and Satanic! I think they underestimated how strong and resilient humans really are!

It won’t be until leaders start dying suddenly that accountability will come, probably will never happen, I doubt that they ever took the vaccines themselves.

She is worse than an idiot. Don’t believe she is an idiot not knowing what is happening… she needs to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity AND WILL BE.

Hey any plod watching this, you know you are on the wrong side of history? And when it goes south, don’t be expecting sympathy for just following orders! Stand up now and do the right thing.

The worst part is they continue to shill for this vaccine and are not warning the rest of New Zealand about the dangers. The government is the sole entity responsible for this and are guilty of murder and grievous bodily harm because they have not stopped it and still encourage people to take it, I believe at this stage it is a crime. This whole pandemic has opened our eyes to how far the controllers are willing to go to cover their tracks and to lie continuously showing that they really are criminals. Covid is no where near as bad as they have made out and is less harmful than the flu yet they made a big deal of it and ruined peoples lives. I have lost all trust in the government and the medical profession as I realize they did not have a clue what they were talking about and they still don’t. Our leaders are very dangerous to the well being of New Zealand people and we need to protect ourselves from their harmful policies and decisions. The police are no good because they can not think for themselves and just fellow orders from the criminals in charge. The last time people tried to get off by saying they were only following orders was the Nazi’s in WW 2 and that did not save them. The police need to smarten up if they are to come away from this clean. The people are waking up to this lie and the controllers better watch out that they are not held to account for their bad choices.

Such a moving documentary which I will share as much as I can. I am at a loss though …for anyone with a brain the words ‘safe and effective’ cannot be said of an experimental medical procedure! Why did the doctors say it was? Money? The threat of losing their jobs or being deregistered by the Health Dept? Why did everyone believe the govt. and the doctors? I know the doctors are people you would expect to be able to trust but seem that they are now in the same basket as real estate agents and lawyers! I won’t put politicians in that basket – they are in a league of their own when it comes to being dishonest.

This is an important documentary. Thank you Anna, Casey, Rob and Sarah for your courage and persistence. Give it time and keep flooding the zone with your stories.

Disgusting, Jacinda Ardern has no compassion despite her attempts to portray herself this way. I hope she is eventually prosecuted and answers for her crimes against her people. The NZ media, especially Stuff, also has a lot to answer for.
Best wishes for recovery to all the victims and kudos for standing up and telling your stories even when they try to shut you down.

Everyone needs to understand ministers do not work for us. Nor do the police. The only organizations that work for the people are and thankfully, The Army, Navy, and Airforce. Groups in Australia have issued the army with a letter demanding they step in and take over the country while people rebuild their political organizations. This is true and correct.


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