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Joe Biden Could Go to Prison, and NYT Wouldn’t Mention It. Jonathan Turley Stunned by MSM blackout of Biden Bribery

Joe Biden Could Go to Prison, and NYT Wouldn’t Mention It. Jonathan Turley Stunned by MSM blackout of Biden Bribery

“Joe Biden could go to jail and The New York Times wouldn’t tell anybody he was no longer president.” — Peter A. Golden

Reality has become so elastic in America now that it stretches to a cosmic event horizon deep in the Twilight Zone where everything is magically transformed into its opposite. Note The New York Times report on Thursday saying that the House Oversight Committee showed “no proof” in its disclosures of the Biden Family’s international money laundering and racketeering operations.

In fact, the committee outlined a shit-ton of documentation in the form of bank records detailing exactly how gobs of money from foreign lands were washed and rinsed through a dozen shell companies and disbursed to everyone in the immediate Biden family down to the president’s grandchildren. The committee’s preliminary report was precise as to the money’s exact origins, its journey through the laundering apparatus, and the owners of the bank accounts it landed in. Thus: No evidence of wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, another whistleblower from the FBI emerged claiming that an unclassified FBI document called an FD-1023 report exists detailing the Biden Family moneygrubbing scheme. Rep James Comer (R-KY) formally requested it from FBI Director Chris Wray, who has declined to furnish it on the grounds that the doc contains info from a “confidential human source” (CHS), and the bureau can’t compromise an investigation, blah blah….

Here’s an interesting take from a reader of this blog for your consideration:

I have had a theory that the FBI made Hunter Biden a Confidential Human Source.
They can pretend that they were monitoring CCP figures in the US and that Hunter
was in a position to provide them with counter intelligence. As with Whitey Bulger,
the whole business was just a scam to keep him out of jail on legitimate charges.
This would explain why the FBI’s Wray is claiming national secrets now that Comer
is closing in on Biden family corruption and influence peddling.

It would also help to explain why Hunter Biden has been untouchable despite clear evidence of firearms felonies, money laundering and influence peddling crimes. All in plain sight for years. This CHS bullshit has been used repeatedly by the FBI and DOJ to shield Democrats and their henchmen from legal jeopardy. Stefan ‘Hamburger’ Halper, Christopher Steele and various other foreign election meddlers have been shielded by the FBI under the pretense of protecting sensitive intelligence, methods and foreign sources.

Would they dare pull this one with Hunter? Why not? The DOJ and the FBI spent years sitting on his laptop stuffed with incriminating docs and videos, obviously shielding him. The people running these agencies must be liable now for a range of crimes running from obstruction of justice to interfering in a presidential election, to acting as accomplices in the Biden Family bribery crimes. Mr. Comer’s Oversight Committee has only just started. Soon, they will be hauling in witnesses, and even if the cable news networks and the big newspapers don’t report about them, there are too many alt-news outlets that can only be stifled by a Carrington Event.

Does the Party of Chaos actually suppose they can keep pretending “Joe Biden” will run for a second term? Articles of impeachment await for bribery, at least, and perhaps treason. At this point, the case couldn’t be more clear-cut. The House is solely in-charge of the impeachment process. The hearings will be brutal. A bill of impeachment would then go to the Senate for trial, as we’ve seen twice before recently. Do you think the mainstream media can avoid covering that?

You must conclude that there is no way that “Joe Biden” will run for president again. He may resign rather than face impeachment. And then what? I’ll tell you what: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. starts making-over the Democratic Party the way that Donald Trump transformed the Republican Party in 2016. Bobby Kennedy has the tremendous advantage of standing completely outside the matrix of corruption, lying, and Woke mental illness that the Dems have made of themselves, and the voters are going to notice, even if The New York Times doesn’t.

The people of this land are also going to notice how much damage “Joe Biden” and those running this fake president have done to our country. A federal judge in Florida temporarily stayed the lifting of Title 42 — the rule put in during the Covid-19 emergency that allowed border officials to turn away migrants on the grounds of preventing the spread of the virus. (Of course, they should be turned away for entering the US illegally, in the first place.) Do you think those tens of thousands waiting now on the Mexican side care about the legal niceties of all that? Watch them bum-rush the border starting today and keep coming for weeks on end, whatever our government says it’s doing.

Beyond that “Joe Biden” induced fiasco loom the ongoing banking collapse, the cratering on-the-ground economy, the humiliation of the failing Ukraine project, and the exposure of the vast harms done by the Covid vaccine crusade.

The Biden Crime Syndicate Is One Of The Most Evil Secret Societies In World History, Guilty Of Child Trafficking And High Treason Against America, FBI And DOJ Whistleblowers Allege

As a preface to today’s column, it may be best to give a reminder that in the Old Testament there were two Prophets that authored books that chronicled the people of Israel after their return from exile in Babylon, although ten tribes short of where they were when they were taken captive.  Tradition also holds Ezra was the author of First and Second Chronicles, and he was accompanied by Nehemiah and his book in the Old Testament of the same time period.  Not in the officially accepted record, but rather in the Apocrypha we also find two more books by the prophet Ezra.  In the second of those two books he had a vision (chapters 11 (the vision) and 12 (the interpretation of it)) of an Eagle that presages the historical record of the Presidents of the United States.  We have spoken of this a number of times before so we will not go over it again except to mention the point that the short Eagle Feather (President) after Trump is to have a shorter reign than Trump and the one following him to be shorter still.  Trump qualifies as a short feather because he did not serve the second term that he was legally elected to fill (2 Esdras 11:12 “And I beheld, and lo, there was one set upbut shortly it appeared no more”); and Biden will not finish this current term in order to be a feather shorter than Trump (2 Esdras 11:27 “And the second was sooner away than the first.”).  That being said, let’s see why I give this reminder.

President Donnie Trump has come up with some very funny quips; lines that humorously call out people and the evil they do.  One such is when he said of the Biden crime syndicate family and their being caught in so many ways lately that “What congressmen James Comer and Jim Jordan have revealed about the Biden Crime Family would be Watergate times 10 if this news was revealed 10 years ago….Our Fake News Media is corrupt at a level never seen before!”  That is very true and you must live under a boulder to believe otherwise.  Now we have James, Comer, House Oversight Committee Chair, asking the Department of Justice to NOT file charges against Hunter Biden until after Wednesday the 10th of May when he is scheduled to give a press conference showing the massive pay for play scheme that qualifies as outright Treason.  This is not just about the occupier of our White House but includes the whole of the Biden crime racket including the dementia ridden idiot pretending to be our President.  The second video below covers some of this well.

More and more evidence is pointing towards Joe Biden,” Comer said. “Obviously, Joe Biden was involved in all this despite the fact that he lied to the American people, despite the fact that his press secretary continues to lie about it” the Liberty Beacon reported, and “We’re going to produce an additional five Biden family members, more countries, more LLCs, more bank accounts,” he explained. “This thing is much bigger than anyone would have ever predicted, and it all points towards Joe Biden.”  The timing on this whole fiasco is critical as at the same time there are reports that Biden is preparing to pardon Hunter.  Just how the timing will work out is unknown, and if Joe and other family crime syndicate members are also indicted then just how reliable would that pardon be?  I do not see how he can pre-pardon either himself or other connected members before charges are even filed, but who knows what that evil creep will try.  This next little bit should be very interesting.

The American Bar Association said that there is a strong “consensus among legal experts that a president cannot pardon someone for a state offense, as the Constitution notes “offenses against the United States.” In other words, “state law enforcement authorities could review any criminal allegations, without presidential intervention, to determine if they rise to the level of a state offense.”  And they also mention that “One unsettled legal question is whether a president can pardon himself. The Constitution says a president cannot pardon “in cases of impeachment.”  So, if legal history also shows that “legal record is also clear that a president can pardon for a presumptive crime, like what then-President Gerald Ford did with his predecessor Richard Nixon on Sept. 8, 1974” then this could be a most fascinating next little bit until he is removed from office.  Whether that is under chains, medical removal, death or whatever, it is appearing positive that his time remaining in office is running very short right now just as Ezra foretells if we understand him correctly.

The one concern I have is whether or not the charges against Hunter will be based on his Biden family criminal corruption or on that gun charge that seems to have been put in place as a possible escape avenue just for events like these that are now appearing.  Remember that those gun accusations have been around for a while now without anything being done legally, so it appears that they were waiting in the wings to hide some other future crimes that needed something to lessen the blow to the crime syndicate with Hunters absence.   Distraction is a well planned avenue of escape especially in politics, and when involved in massive criminal behavior it is essential to have an alibi or a patsy to take the fall.  Do NOT fall for the transfer of criminal activities to the gun thing rather than money laundering, influence peddling, racketeering, Espionage and High Treason if it involves such a ludicrously reduced charge of leaving a gun in a garbage can; that is no more than a low class ruse.

Patriot United News said that the Inspector General report that millions from the $110 million allocated to the DHS went to fund groups helping the criminal invaders over our southern border at the same time they are trying to put out the outrageous lie that the invaders numbers are way down.  That is so patently absurd that it makes even the leftist bleeding hearts for the criminal invasion of this once great nation scream foul ball.   The author of that article said “I find it utterly amazing how far these people will go to help people that broke the law to come into the country and do not contribute to it in any way.  There is no bigger slap in the face of the American taxpayer than to see their money being spent on illegal immigrants” and I agree fully with that statement.

And at the same time that there are FBI whistle blowers coming out against the Biden’s and the DOJ having documents showing that Biden is at the center of a massive criminal scheme, Andy Biggs (R-AZ) said that the DOJ and the FBI appear to be “hopelessly corrupted politically” based on their actions or lack thereof….There’s just no reason to trust them,” and that is the truth.   As seen in one fo the videos below, Ted Cruz demanded impeachment of Joe after all of those FBI whistleblowers brought out the documents proving the charges of criminal bribery.  Although denials are blowing out of their faces as fast as they can, it appears that Joey Dementia sent Bill Burns to “offer Vladimir Putin 20% of the Ukraine to end the war.”

A spokesunit for Joe Biden teamed up with one from the CIA on Friday, February 3, to deny that CIA Director, William Burns, offered Russian President Vladimir Putin a fifth of Ukraine’s territory to end the ongoing war.”  Patriot United News said that ““last month, Burns traveled in secret to meet and brief Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv,” thanks to Washington Post….On Thursday, NZZ reported that “Burns is said to have submitted the plan in mid-January to put an end to the war.”  One of the reasons Biden is denying everything is because both sides laughed in his face and told Burns to stay out of it.  The Germans seem to think it as a true report because Biden wanted to get out of a protracted war in Ukraine and focus attention on China, where they are also pushing for a major war.  Perhaps Putin threatening to use nukes has him shaking in his boots?  Or rather, has the CIA shaking in theirs?  Yet does he think China will not use them to great effect?  Insanity reigns in our government leadership offices.

All of this seems somewhat whimsical as we already know that so much of the money the Biden’s are laundering has to do with the payments the Chinese are making to him and his crime syndicate to operate and control as they see fit.  More literally, he (they) are OWNED by the Communist Chinese and this also implies that his supervisor, the guy that remotely operates as the chief of the deep state running things in DC, the Master of Mysteries Barry Obama is also raking in the big bucks from China.  Behind so much of the initial evidence is contained on Hunters laptop; that infamous and so dangerous a thing that all stops are out to destroy its real significance.

Former Deputy Director of the CIA Michael Morrell came forward to spill the beans on the Biden criminal cartel and Blinken said that a letter to him stated “We are examining that public statement signed by 51 former intelligence officials that falsely discredited a New York Post story regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop as supposed Russian disinformation” and that is to do what they can to hide the laptop from hell from the public and prove it is not relevant.  Massive disinformation campaigns against it resulted but to no real avail as we already know that it is extremely important and holds just as much weight as the document dump that Julian Assange has reported.  Maybe even more so as it is contemporary with our current situation.



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