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Is Agenda 2030 Still a Threat?

Is Agenda 2030 Still a Threat?

By Xoaquin FIores – New Resistance

Is Agenda 2030 still a threat?

Remain vigilant, but you’re winning

A 1992 globalist agenda masquerading as ecological concerns for the year 2000 was pushed back to 2015 (then called UN millennial goals) after governments, local businesses (national) and labor pushed back against this.

This became known as Agenda 21 (As in the new millennium, as in the 21st century).

To hold it together, the globalists pushed back their timelines to 2030.

Globally, citizens acting mostly through electoral and democratic processes, have successfully pushed back against these proposals at the sovereign, that is, national level.

Now the timelines have been extended to 2050.

Keep up the good work, people of the world.

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