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“I Don’t Think We’ll Make it To 2024” – Reaction To Trump Tape

“I Don’t Think We’ll Make it To 2024” – Reaction To Trump Tape

By Valuetainment

In this short clip, Col. Douglas MacGregor PBD and Tom discuss Donald Trump and the 2024 election.

Here’s what others had to say:

I’m really starting to get that the hate for Trump is for him not wanting to start wars and nothing else.

He’s so right the American people and people around the world are being left in the dark and dust.

The wisdom and common sense of Col. MacGregor is astounding. He really is very intelligent, well informed, and a true American patriot. He really is a national treasure. God’s speed sir.

Biden shared top secret information with his son who used it in his business dealings. When that’s prosecuted then we can discuss anything Trump may or may not have done.

Trump has faults, but in my opinion Trump’s foreign policy acumen is a lot better more than most of the so-called “experts”.

I love the way Col Macgregor summed up what the US SHOULD be doing…same goals Pres Trump promotes and works toward. America FIRST! For starters, do not antagonize other countries and meddle in their affairs where we do not belong!

I don’t blame the administration. I blame the 80 million plus that voted for this.

The chaos makes perfect sense when you realize it’s being done on purpose. The financial cartel (who own the politicians and celebrities) need the American people dependent. Dependent people are easy to control.

Here’s the bottom line, like him or not, having a business acumen to run this country did wonders. And to know all the crap Trump endured during his term and still accomplished a hell of a lot and grew our economy was simply amazing! We desperately need him back to fix this very ill patient called America back to a healthy soul!

The distain for Trump is that he represents common sense and understands the end state. Even more, he showed the country that you don’t have to be a life long politician to get elected as president and I think he is despised for that as well.

By simply walking out of the Oval Office with classified documents, the President of the United States declassifies them. That’s the extent of the process. Not the case for ANYONE else, but it is the case for that office. So, this is the most ridiculous of their “cases” against trump yet.

People misunderstand Trump and this shows how beautifully he thinks things through and asks the right questions before making critical decisions. Those are the character traits I would expect from a president. High performance and wide angle strategic thinking.


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