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George and Alex Soros Jump Into 2024 Election With Maxed-out Biden Campaign Donations

George and Alex Soros Jump Into 2024 Election With Maxed-out Biden Campaign Donations

By Joe Schoffstall | Fox News

Alex Soros recently took reins of George Soros’s political empire.

Financier George Soros and his son Alex provided maximum donations to President Biden’s campaign during the second quarter, filings show.

The father and son duo each cut $6,600 checks to Biden’s re-election committee on June 30, according to its recently released records. The cash represents their first jump into the 2024 presidential election.

Neither has given money to Biden’s Victory Fund so far this cycle – which carries astronomical contribution limits – though that will presumably change as the election draws closer.

Joe Biden, Alexander Soros, George Soros

Alexander Soros, middle, a son to liberal billionaire George Soros, right, has made frequent visits to the White House since President Biden took office in 2021, meeting with top officials in a number of meetings on behalf of his 92-year-old father.

Both George and Alex Soros will likely provide considerable amounts directly to Biden’s re-election efforts and support outside super PACs backing his candidacy after helping to propel him during the 2020 elections.

During the last presidential race, Alex Soros provided the Biden Victory Fund with over $720,000, while George Soros added more than $500,000 to the committee’s coffers. The two also maxed out donations to Biden’s campaign that election cycle.

George Soros

George Soros has been one of the most prolific political donors in the country.

The newest Biden donations occurred weeks after George Soros announced he had handed Alex control of his massive Open Society Foundations network, which funnels large sums to left-wing initiatives across the country.

Alex, meanwhile, has maintained a direct pipeline to Biden’s White House and has visited at least 20 times since he took office, Fox News Digitial previously reported. He’s also posted recent photos with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Kamala harris and alex soros

Alex Soros recently posted a picture with Kamala Harris on his social media feeds.

Soros’ spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the donations.

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