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Former Cop Grills NSW Premier

Former Cop Grills NSW Premier

A former police officer gives it to a pathetic and baffled NSW premier, Perrottet.

Perrottet attempts the usual dribble and is promptly put in his place.

This grubberment HATES us the people.

The authorities are a basket case of ineptitude…

And when we showed up to fill the gaping holes in Lismore and SUPPORT EACH OTHER,

they froze my bank accounts,
And shut down my ability to help.

This community can be enormously proud that we funded two vessels for the farmers and families of Coraki so they won’t have to be abandoned again.

Good on the brave former copper for speaking up!

Good on him for reminding everyone that we have to stick together and that we cannot rely on this disgusting grubbement for ANYTHING!

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Former police officer Peter Jones confronts the NSW premier after Eugow

An emotional former police officer has confronted the NSW premier over the response to the flash flooding that decimated Eugowra on Monday.

One woman died, two men remain missing and the town’s 750 residents are facing months of recovery after powerful flash flood flattened much of the town.

Peter Jones, a Eugowra resident and former police officer, approached Premier Dominic Perrottet during his visit to the local SES today. Mr Jones grew emotional as he said help had not come quickly enough.

“A tsunami – that’s exactly what it was,” Mr Jones said angrily. “It’s taken us five days to get absolutely nowhere.”

Mr Jones said Eugowra residents were let down by communications outages and a lack of emergency resources, saying he was not criticising the town’s efforts.

“People here were left to their own devices,” he said.

“We’ve had no food, no clothing, no one telling us what is going to happen next.”

Mr Jones said evacuees sent to Orange would return to Eugowra with nowhere to live.

“If you’re still in parliament next year, I want a personal date with you in your office or my house …I’ve had a gutful,” he said

Mr Perrottet said the government had been doing what it could and would follow up on his concerns. His government today increased payments for affected farmers and said caravans would soon be brought in to re-home the town’s evacuees.

Here’s what others had to say:

Jann Moore
Huge respect to that Eugowra man. Everything he said is a reoccurring scenario. Saw it on the north coast and south coast after fires, saw it again on the north coast after the floods and now again at Molong and Eugowra this week. No advanced warning and no help and direction after. That’s not the Aussie way, it’s the global elitists way.

Patricia Sunderland
Good on you and he can’t answer you

Kylie Muir
Why hasn’t the entire defence force been deployed everywhere. They knew the water was coming and where it’s going. Get in front

Michael John Makings
Everyone in the NSW State government should be sacked on the Spot also included in that our world traveller Albo and the usless federal government. We have a bunch of clown’s running our country and the “Spin” that they mouth off every day ain’t going to work any more we want elected official’s to work in the best interest’s of our country and it’s citizen’s. Not the globalist’s elite agenda.

Kristie Anderson
My heart goes out to this community. and the Government after how many disaster floods still can’t get it right. Who suffers “The People” not good enough

Fe’ Josefa G. Nava
it seems there are really very very few statesmen these days…they are all nothing but politicians… 🙁 and we had high regard for Australia as a great place to live in… sad

Troy Kennedy
Can I just ask.. Where’s the Red Cross and the other charities who took our money after the fires back in 2019-2020??? They seem to be quite…
Also this is just another example of poor leadership in this country, between the fires and floods the government goes into turmoil while the average Australian is left out to defend for themselves..
Lucky we have each other during these times..

Karen Freeman
Good for you Peter. Put all these Government services in the limelight light. Will they ever learn. So much information on floods and yet no response. Legend Peter.

Veronica Whitten
And where is our Prime Minister oh I forgot he is swanning around the world not interested that Australians are suffering

Janice George
WHERE WAS THE ARMY. AIR FORCE AND ESPECIALLY THE” NAVY” for humanitarian assistance they should be on a speed dile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pamela Frape
Their response times anywhere a disaster has happened is just pathetic. Good on you Peter.
Ffs, chopper the army in to help and coordinate, they’ll do a much better job than the govt.

Robyn Rigney
Well done Mr Jones a loving careing gentleman who pulls no punches governments don’t know where to start do they it has happened over time before come on north Queensland let’s pitch in and help these families. We need some of there rain they need our help

Peter Morgan
NSW government corruption is on a high. This man is a legend.

Ken Lawrence
Just like the bushfires with Salesman Scomo , turns up shakes hands win votes , that doesn’t cut it any more.

Terry Renata
Same flooding scenario as last year northern Rivers….same treatment of people

Gary Leer
Where is the Albanese plan.”I want everyone in a flood affected region to know that the Commonwealth stands ready and committed to provide support now and throughout the recovery,”

Ian Thistleton
This is what happens when the Government steps out into the real world they don’t have answers

Brad Thompson
This guy sounds like his gonna raise some hell over this and good for him👏but as for his sick elderly brother im sure he’s better off in Orange health services.

Simon Staton
No command and control coordination centre, either active or operational.

Ashe Ford
Good on him for speaking out.
Absolutely correct each time.
They’ve had more than enough time to refine the response teams efforts.
Liebrals for you.

Hawks Locky
Nsw stands for Newcastle Sydney woolngong if your not in those citys they dont care

David Fisk
The diggers wouldn’t be making excuses the army needs to step up its game they don’t need the government to make the call.



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