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Fingerprints of Vatican-London Network Behind LNP’s No Campaign Deception

Fingerprints of Vatican-London Network Behind LNP’s No Campaign Deception

By Cairns News

THE Dutton-led Liberal-National Coalition is selling out the Australian people with a fake No campaign, says former Aboriginal Affairs adviser Josephine Cashman.

Cashman has pointed out that the LNP and Peter Dutton are actually committed to holding another referendum on Aboriginal aka “Indigenous recognition” in the Constitution after The Voice fails. This was admitted by Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa-Price as far back as April and confirmed by Peter Dutton speaking on Sky News earlier this month.

Dutton said recognition of “First Australians” in the Constitution was Coalition policy but not a constitutionally-enshrined Voice to Parliament. Thanks for finally clarifying that Mr Dutton. We’re sure the Australian people will understand – not.

In fact the Coalition policy is, as put forward by a virtually unknown lobby group and company called Uphold and Recognise, to repeal and replace section 51(xxvi) of the Constitution so it reads: “The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples”.

So, they take away the current so-called “race powers” that allow a parliament to make laws for “the people of any race for whom it is deemed necessary to make special laws” and replace it with another “race power” applying to only one race. Cashman calls it the Uluru Corporate Voice con. But Dutton and company are not saying much about this for obvious political reasons, and because Uphold and Recognise are now openly supporting The Voice.

“The Government wants the Australian taxpayer to pay an additional $300 million to repeat the Uluru Corporate Voice con, thanks to a troupe of useful circus idiots,” Cashman writes on her website. “Dutton has pledged to batter Australians into submission as he announces that taxpayers will be forced to pay for the rerun of this grand deception.”

Given that the Australian corporate sector is almost totally committed to Labor’s Yes campaign it is clear why the Coalition is two-faced on the issue. It’s the money, honey – at least that’s a big part of the problem. The other problem is the influence of small-l liberal Catholics, the Vatican and the City of London.

Cairns News has discovered that the Liberal Party’s two-faced position started at least as far back as 2015 when Uphold and Recognise was founded by Damien Freeman, a lawyer at another little-known think tank called the PM Glynn Institute at the Australian Catholic University, and Julian Leeser, the Jewish federal member for Berowra now openly supporting the Yes campaign.

The PM Glynn Institute is named after one of the Catholic authors of the Commonwealth Constitution and supposedly offers a Catholic perspective on social issues. But given the leanings of a Vatican headed by the globalist Jesuit Pope Francis and the PM Glnn Institute’s well-connected “international advisory board” directors, we can see where strings could be cleverly pulled to the benefit of the WEF-UN power brokers.

While a few of the 11 advisory board members may have genuine conservative Catholic leanings, Catholic liberals, like any liberals, like to have their feet in various camps. This international board that advises the PM Glynn Institute that advises Uphold and Recognise, includes Professor Francis Campbell, a former policy adviser and private secretary to UK Fabian and globalist Prime Minister Tony Blair, and then Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Holy See. Campbell is now Vice-Chancellor of the University of Notre Dame, Australia.

It’s unlikely to be coincidental that a liberal globalist Catholic is now in a position to guide an Australian Catholic think tank that is guiding another Liberal Party think tank pushing for constitutional reform to allow the UN-backed “indigenisation” of Australia.

Uphold and Recognise states it was “founded on two principles. The first is that the Australian Constitution “underpins our democratic values and shared way of life, and that this is worth upholding”. That is a commendable principle and would be expected of a conservative political party.

But the second second principle sets the UN trap. It states that “Indigenous Australians ought to be fairly recognised, on their terms. It is imperative, therefore, that any constitutional reforms both uphold the Constitution and recognise Indigenous peoples.”

In other words, it’s an admitted “centrist/small l liberal” position, having a foot in two camps. How pathetic that these supposed intellectuals cannot see that one of those feet is being trapped in the UN globalist power grab employing racism, separatism and ultimately, corporate totalitarian control.

The directors of Uphold and Recognise authored a paper for the Centre for Independent Studies titled “Guaranteeing a Grassroots Megaphone: A centre-right approach to hearing Indigenous voices” by constitutional lawyer Greg Craven and Damien Freeman who claimed “it is possible to design legislation that addresses most reasonable concerns around the Voice”.

So who else do we find involved in the big sell-out of Australia? Try Price-WaterhouseCoopers and its offshoot PwC Indigenous, the big global consulting firm that found itself in hot water when senior partners misused confidential Australian government information to help big multinational companies avoid paying more tax.

The company’s Australian CEO has quit, nine senior partners have been stood down, and the man at the centre of the scandal is being investigated by the Australian Federal Police, all while questions over who knew what and when remain unanswered.

Meanwhile Senator Price, the Coalition’s front-line face in the no-campaign, has been caught in the middle of this dirty political game of deception. Her contradictory stand on Indigenous Constitutional recognition was clearly shown in the Sky News interview on April 19th and an SBS interview on September 4th (see video on linked Cashman article).

Senator Price appears to genuinely oppose a race-based Constitutional amendment but at the same time is being forced to toe the party line, which is a race-based Constitutional amendment designed by the LNP. The real LNP “No campaign” only opposes the ALP’s version of Indigenous Constitutional recognition.

“Jacinta Price is the chosen circus performer to deliver to the Australians a big lie, that this is the no campaign. The Australian people can smell a rat. Dutton is still supporting the Uluru Voice. It is a Yes campaign disguised as a No campaign. They are putting Price forward to sell the unsellable lie,” writes Cashman.

The upshot of this is that the LNP are as beholden to the WEF-UN global governance system as is the Labor Party and Greens. “The LNP, now UN-ashamedly in tandem with the ALP, are collaborating to surrender Australia into a dystopian ghetto archipelago of UN 15-minute Smart cities in preparation for the world’s 0.001% wealthy families to strip our assets,” says Cashman.

This is the sad reality of our so-called “Opposition” not only in Victoria, but in the Federal Parliament as well. Perhaps it is time for a reformation in Australian politics – for the players to take a stand for what and who they actually stand for.

The dividing line is now starkly clear: Stand for the nation and its Constitutional and common law heritage respecting individual freedoms and national sovereignty or stand for globalism and rule by a totalitarian elite with full-spectrum dominance.

Cashman goes on: “As a result of our compromised government acting for the UN and its beautiful lies, we are shamed into accepting solutions to the problems they created in order to eliminate our inalienable rights, including private property.

“Consequently, the world’s wealthiest families will be able to control over 80% of Australia

and all its natural resources under the UN communal Native Title. In UN Smart Cities ‘we will own nothing and be happy’.”

This situation is calling for a political revolution in Australia, perhaps a split in the Coalition and formation of a major new third force and conservative alliance to hold the nation together. We are not alone in this struggle as populist forces worldwide reject globalism and fight for freedom.

An example of this struggle that parallels the fight in the Victorian Liberal Party against the Christian conservative Moira Deeming is the Texas establishment Republicans (run by the Bush family) launching an impeachment against the pro-Trump State Attorney General Ken Paxton. Dr Steve Turley runs an ongoing commentary on this global battle.

The RINO Republicans joined with the Democats to impeach Paxton after he launched an investigation into FBI corruption. Paxton also upset the RINOs after he thoroughly defeated George P. Bush in the Attorney General election.

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