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FAKE FAUCI: Top NIH Directors Were Never Officially Appointed and are Merely ACTORS Who are IMPERSONATING Federal Officials

FAKE FAUCI: Top NIH Directors Were Never Officially Appointed and are Merely ACTORS Who are IMPERSONATING Federal Officials

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Mike self Identify intro JP

7:08 Fake Administration

27:10 Interview with JP Sears and Mikki Willis

50:50 Life Jacket

– Mike Adams self-identifies as comedian JP Sears

– Investigation reveals that Fauci and other NIH “officials” are merely ACTORS with no actual authority

– Top federal officials such as Mayorkas, Austin and others are also ACTORS who never took oaths of office

– Joe Biden is a FAKE “president” who was never elected by the American people

– It’s all a Truman Show theater of the absurd, ruling through fakery and fraud

– Full in-studio interview with JP Sears and Mikki Willis of the Plandemic series

– JP Sears and Mikki Willis force Mike Adams to embrace “the science”

Here’s what others had to say:

Flora Johnson
Re: Calling something a “theory” when he/she lacks military intel, knowledge of, or familiarity with X is NOT JUSTIFIED. Example: D-Day, June 6, 1944. For all those not in on the military intel, the Normandy Invasion was just a “theory” until one of many Allied ships fired her first shots from the water. As a result of this little D-Day “theory,” miraculously, at the end of the day, Allied troops blasted obstacles, moved inland, and got a foothold on the Nazi-occupied territory. Germany surrendered unconditionally on May 9, 1945. It is certainly safe to call something you know nothing about a “theory” until it’s in everyone’s face. When you hear “theory,” seek a different source for truth. You deserve better.

Rea TurRee
I most certainly respect any and all, that have first hand information concerning the sexuallizing of Children, that come forth and “Expose” any and All that are involved in this horror. My hope is that we have so many more adults, that will stand with morality and compassion for the child victims, of this crime to be a voice for these little/small victims, to see that justice is done in their behalf, along with the criminalization of these filthy “Child Predators”.

kelly mason
The globalists in the new world order are putting the MRNA vax in your food you need to do this ASAP

Lim Lin
Mike Adam mentioned that the Continuity of Government is a theory. No, it is not. COG is under the Military Manual of Laws. Pres Trump is still the Commander-in-Chief. He was given the 21-gun salute on 20 January 2021. We have been following news on COG, gold-backed currency under the QFS (Quantum Financial System) that Pres Trump will be implementing when he returns. The USD fiat currency will be worthless and replaced with the gold-backed Rainbow currency known as US Notes. Lots have been happening such as massive arrests and executions by military tribunals in the last 3 years demonstrating that the White Hats are in control. Pres Trump has a huge planetary task assigned by God and his priority is in dismantling global child sex trafficking, organ and adrenochrome harvesting rings run out of the Vatican. Pres Trump is going to be inaugurated very soon!

Trump supports the evil LGBTQ AGENDA and The so-called vaccines….. he’s no better than the unelected actors as the invisible white hats have been persuading that perspective….. it’s a shame that no one can really do anything about it…..Are we waking up to a dead United States of America??? God Bless us all.

Wayne A Teachman
There are morons everywhere still praising Trump and praising another Trump Return and I can only figure they can no longer use any Common Sense Emergency Act and Lock Downs Warp Speed Bio Weapon Jabs to even the Children and destruction of pure Air Water and Food destruction of all Constitutional Laws and signing other Governments Owned Money Changers agencies to be implemented on Americans (TREASON) and war machine gone rouge UN and NATO Stooges ankle grabbers and much more and Americans seem to want more Stupid is as Stupid Does America and they are all Blood Related and Freemasons It Is TIME TO WAKE UP NOW


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