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Exposing the Real Agenda of the Voice

Exposing the Real Agenda of the Voice

By Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain

In four weeks, Anthony Albanese will force you to vote on stage one of the Uluru sequence, which begins by enshrining a divisive, Canberra-based, racially exclusive representative body in our nation’s constitution.

The architects of this race-based representative body have chosen a more marketable term: “Voice to Parliament.”

The Uluru sequence culminates in “Makarrata,” another term for a treaty, something that the Yes campaign and Albanese refuse to admit.

After the treaty, there will be demands for land, money, power, and control, as they have stated, “This is the culmination of our agenda.”

Those behind the Uluru statement clearly feared that speaking plain English would expose their real agenda.

That’s why my team and I have worked tirelessly to provide you with their own words, so you can hear it from them directly.

When you are compelled to go to the polls in four weeks, I want you to be fully informed about Anthony Albanese’s Uluru agenda.

First comes the divisive Canberra based “Voice”.

Next is the treaty with its demands, its cadre of lawyers and activists, its use of guilt tactics, and its rewriting of history.

Then, after the division and conflict, you and your children will bear the burden of the costs.

If Anthony Albanese and the Yes campaign don’t respect you enough to tell you the truth, they don’t deserve your vote.

Vote no, Australia.

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Here’s what others had to say:

James Bruniges
It’s very scary times with this radical government. We are in hard times with many Australians finding it hard to make ends meet and this clown Albo and his radical party is doing stuff all except spending and wasting millions of $$$ on this ridiculous voice which will divide us all. I was a labor supporter but never again if this voice gets up.Albo you are the worse prime minister this country has ever had in its history.

Victor Gomes
Thank you to both. Great truthful from the heart conclusion. It makes me sick. All the virtue signalling $$$$$$.Well said. Hugs to both.

Bob Kotmel
We need an audit, not a Voice. Instead of the stolen generation, let’s do some TRUTH telling and find the stolen billions Burney? Vote NO

David Cook
Go Pauline You’re a great representative for Australians

Victor Gomes
It was an honour to meetPauline , Senator Hanson in person. One of them special days in my life. Stand United Aussies. We are One. We are One Nation. Vote One Nation first and the two major treasonous parties last. If at all.

Woongarrah Budgies
Always vote no. A labor political party asked Australians to sign a blank contract with no details that gets attached to a very important document full of details the constitution of this country and wants to fill it out on your behalf then put in to law . I can’t believe that people would be so silly. Albo if there is nothing to see then release the information in full and if it is only a voice have a high court put it in a legal document filed with the referendum not to be challenged. Vote no

Jill Smith
I am afraid it saddens me to see people blindly following a group of people who will not state the truth behind their push for the voice Sadly if the yes gets in the help needed at base roots will not be there.The money and control will be in the hands of the elite who have never and do not want to acknowledge the real issues no real idea .They will put themselves. first and bugger those in need Wake up Australians before its too late

Irene E Bell
Definite Vote NO!!!!

Kerry Monro
Labor want you all to vote Yes because they have not read the Uluru document. Let me put it to you this way – you write a cheque payable to me and send it to me now and I will fill in the amount of dollars when I get it. That is what Albo wants YOU to do.

Bob Smith
Albo could not pour a beer in a pub vote NO.

George Peters-Portokallas
treaty, reparation and more money to the indigenous elite that’s what this referendum is all about. The yes campaigners are now through advertising playing with our emotions to make us feel guilty and think by approving a change to our constitution everything will be hunky dorry.
We are ONE Australia and don’t need divisiveness.
Vote NO.

Russell Lewis
Don’t forget to take a pen/Biro to write your answer because pencil filled votes can be changed

Mike Sullivan
The whole Labor Party needs to be punished for leading the country up the garden path in this duplicitous way. What utter disrespect!!!

Charlz Mitchell
Vote NO for this divisive voice referendum.

Greg Jeanene Stenhouse
This is what happens when you put foxes in charge of the henhouse . Vote NO!

Carolyne Brennan
I am so sad to see what is happening to our county hopefully the ill-informed will watch and listen … Its a NO from me to dividing our country.

Trish Trish
It saddens me that our great country is headed this way. Going backwards instead of moving forward. I would like to see the overall wealth of these aboriginal representatives and an audit on where all the money goes each year as the true disadvantaged indigenous are not benefiting.

Pauline Hewitt
Thankyou Pauline & Corey for bringing to our attention the hidden agenda behind the Voice as per Megan Davis’s speech. Keep up the great work that you do. Thankyou

Robert Wood
Will anyone stand up for multi generational Australians or will this divisive puppet government use new Australians and easily swayed youth to achieve their disgusting agenda

Gayle Ballington
Don’t turn up …. Boycot, strike do what ever it takes to get OUR POINT ACCROSS Australia We are 1 but WE ARE MANY.

Debbie Pedersen
Well maybe Albo should stop wasting time money & energy banging on about The Voice & focus on the real issues & struggles facing Australians daily. Homelessness, Health Employment, Cost of Living…Airbus Albo is living in an alternate universe giddy with power driven by his overinflated Ego.


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