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EXCLUSIVE Shocking Footage of UN-funded Mass Migration Camp in Panama, Feat. War Correspondent Michael Yon

EXCLUSIVE Shocking Footage of UN-funded Mass Migration Camp in Panama, Feat. War Correspondent Michael Yon

By Health Ranger Report

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Alejandro Mayorkas is Guilty or Treason and Needs to H ang!

Micheal Yon is the modern Paul Revere or John Wisdom of Alabama. He is sounding the alarm. the UN Tyranny’s are coming, the Tyranny’s are coming. Tyranny = UN destabilizing Communists. Paul saw the British headed to Boston, and during the Civil War, John saw 2000 Yankees on horse back headed north from the Gulf of Mexico to Rome Georgia.

It’s good to see what’s going on in real life. If we were allowed to be like the jungle natives and defend ourselves, the criminal element would be under control, including the criminal element that is our governments and the cabal.

are these people replacing the millions killed by the killer jab vaccine?

so, the Biden administration is actually colluding with the Cartels? What in the world? Why aren’t the governors stopping this?

Chickie Galore
Was in the Darien last year this time. It was bizarre and surreal. Poor wildlife, poor native peoples overrun by them.
And I never saw anyone but men including lots of big African men.

charles casaburi
We need to do what Desantis did with them pack them off to libtardville San Francisco DC ect.

Americans are totally ignorant of this – sorry but a nation who’s government does this to their own country deserve to have that nation collapse and disappear from the world scene! If the government were trying to do this legally no problem. THE CHINESE need to know they are “escaping” to what they are running from!

A Boomer
I doun no why of yous rasiss peeple don wan no messicans here. Us boomers is da bess generation causs we lets in all da blacks and browns. Now we is low crime and peaceful you biggots. White people never built America. It wassnut untill we brings in the browns and blacks that America became as rich as mommy Africa or messico. You stole their buildings and took em here. You bigots.
Us boomers is the best generation. Social security isnt welfare. I earned it. Don none of you say I’m wrong neither or you’re ageist. Ya bigots poodled in my pants! Admit it!

Warren Blum
Biden and obama are criminals. We dont want you 3rd world scum in our country. When this country has a revolution it will be bad for all of you. Go home.


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