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Excellent Summary of 2022 by JP!

Excellent Summary of 2022 by JP!

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The Most Traumatizing Events From 2022!

Here’s what others had to say:

Marnie Andrews
As a Canadian, it makes me happy to know that others can see exactly what Trudeau is doing. I just wish more Canadians would open their eyes.

Kruger –
Only JP can turn how shit the world is at this moment in time into comedy, pure genius!!!!

2022 was a shitty year.
Hope 2023 is the year of LIGHT, and people start to see the True.
Greetings from Portugal for all freedom fighters all over the world 👏
JP you’re the best!

Candy C
Thanks JP for helping us get through the insanity of our world with humour. Happy New Year to you and your family from Canada.

Dan Bergquist
I have never written a comment on social media. This was the best newscast summing up a year that I’ve could ever even possibly imagine.

Tanis Shefer
You are officially the best News outlet out there!!! Thanks for always finding the funny in all the evil shit taking place around us:)

Tragically true yet hilarious in presentation! Thanks JP, you’re a living legend and you’re making a difference! Keep up the great work!

Rita B-C
2022 known for the year Young ppl started dying suddenly from a condition known as dying suddenly.

Marilyn Moore
Thanks for the great wind up summary for 2022, and for all the 2022 programs from you, helping us to see the truth. May 2023 bring you and yours many Blessings and continued success in helping us stay informed. Happy New Year JP.

Thanks for an awesome update of this ever-sad year!
I know it must be a lot of hard work, we are all most grateful.
May God save us all from this madness.
Hope you had a wonderful Merry Christmas, and may 2023 be your best year ever!


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