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Did the Western Dictators Tell You Putin Was a Dictator?

Did the Western Dictators Tell You Putin Was a Dictator?

Truthbook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Did the Western dictators tell you Putin was a dictator?
And you believed them.
Putin has an 80% approval rating – is honest and transparent with his people – takes questions – even speaks to hostile military bloggers and hostile Western propaganda channels – he isn’t perfect, but he is articulate and intelligent, and highly educated about history and is a nationalist that cares deeply for his country. He has turned Russia from a wreck being the Soviet Union, (which the R family made a communist nation-not Russian people) into a low debt, massive cash surplus, and a strong nation. He supports a multipolar world and isn’t running around the world starting wars, unlike some. Furthermore, he is entitled to defend his borders and defend the Eastern Ukrainian regions that asked for help against the Ukrainian Nazi attacks in 2014. He tried for 8 years for peace in Ukraine, but the West refused. They lie to dubbed down Westerners that Russia somehow started the war, when they are finishing the war once and for all.

The US starts wars everywhere, and who is the leader, apparently of the US and West?

Joe f.. Biden

And that’s whose side you are on

He is a loser, as are all Western puppet leaders.
Not one is loved by their people or even elected by a majority in the West.

Russia has its issues, but it is a modern democratic nation that doesn’t interfere in elections around the Globe, and Putin is no Oligarchs little bitch. Facts you will have trouble handling as your comments will reflect as you continue to spew forth Western propaganda and label the truth Russian propaganda

We in the West are so deluded, we.
1. Think we live in a democracy –

Show me a non-rigged election in the US or West that Soros hasn’t cheated.
2. How can we think Joe Biden isn’t a puppet, and a little bitch to his Western oligarch masters

So let’s have Putin and Joe Biden have an intellectual debate about facts

And I’ll bet you your house that Putin would win.

Anyone can put up $1 million on Joe Biden winning, and I’ll take the bet Putin would destroy him.

The West is run by intellectual weaklings.

This is a sad indictment of how far the West has fallen – a cesspool of corruption run by Satanic Globalists psychopaths that manipulate the weak and insecure in the West so easily – they tell them to post “Stand with Ukraine” and like mind-controlled morons they do without a single question, as they are so insecure they so desperately want to belong to the herd they post anyone and inject anything just to not be shamed but accepted. Such weaklings – no spine – no ability to question the propaganda-only the ability to spew it ignorantly everywhere like an imbecile like Joe F … Biden

Putin defends traditional values

What does Biden defend

Transgender’s full access to our children’s libraries to push that men can be women and a mental illness is trendy, and pedophile men can enter little girls’ bathrooms at school and if you don’t agree you’re a transphobic, and it’s a hate speech crime that’s now a jailable offense even in Australia

And it’s ok to kill not just full-term babies, but newborns and sell their body parts to the highest bidder and their blood.
It’s ok to murder our elderly in aged care homes

The west is sick


That’s why I no longer live in the West.

It’s Roseville Central.

I am back, to a new future in this sick world.

That’s the rise of the BRICS and a multipolar world

The alternative is a One World Government which is a one world Corporation i.e. BlackRock and co-ruling the world with a slave coin called a CBDC and social credit score linked to a digital ID and 15 min cities

Sicko pedo’s

Australian National Review
We don’t support sick Globalist woke virus agenda
We support the children of the wild being protected and having a future
Who do you support
Biden or Putin?
The West or the BRICS?
One world Government or a multipolar world?
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