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Dave Smith Breaks Down the Reasons Russia Invaded Ukraine

Dave Smith Breaks Down the Reasons Russia Invaded Ukraine

By PowerfulJRE

Here’s what others had to say:

I wasn’t concerned about nuclear war until Biden said we do not need to be concerned about nuclear war.

Lemuel Pitkin
What a madman. Obviously, nuclear war is desirable. Imagine the ESG scores after that? THROUGH THE ROOF!

Michael A
It gives hope to see that some still try to get people to wake up from this fabricated version of reality that is pushed to the ppl on all fronts.

Sam H tai
people have been practicing their right to lead to the future for centuries, that article about that city that went through eight wars and was rebuilt on top of the rubble of the last cities was really freaky to read just being an A positive is enough for me.

People in 1960, “we’ll have flying cars and cures for cancer” people in 2022, “ let’s just go back to the stone age “

Lazaro Ortiz
Joe is so cool that he listened so well and let the other guy speak the whole time. Joe you’re awesome brother men. Much appreciated for bringing this podcast. You’re always the number one period.

Danny D.
“Ukraine could’ve stayed a stagnant corrupt nation”
My brother in Christ, Ukrainian government corruption is on par with South American government corruption.

Danny Ganelin
What scares me most is that the fate of humanity is in the hands of two senior citizens, one with clear signs of dementia and the other who looks like a wax figurine who can barely hold himself while sitting. These are the 2 most powerful political figures and I wouldn’t trust them with an Amazon order, let alone a whole country.


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