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Controlled ECONOMIC Demolition of America is Now Under Way

Controlled ECONOMIC Demolition of America is Now Under Way

By Health Ranger Report

– New Mexico governor’s attempt to ban the #SecondAmendment met with fierce resistance

– #DoNotComply public protests begin in #Albuquerque as armed Americans resist #tyranny

– NM Gov. Grisham gives green light to mass shooters to target children in public parks and schools

– #EPA bans water filters that filter out #COVID from water, claiming the filters are “pesticides”

– A government plot to get more Americans killed from contaminated water: storms, hurricanes, fires

– Environmentalists waging WAR against Earth by mass killing #trees for #climatechange

– #Nike closes flagship store in #Portland OR due to rampant shoplifting and collapse of law

– Biden cancels energy exploration in Alaska in latest economic #sabotage of #America

– Liberty Safe company is owned and run by left-wing Democrats who clearly despise #liberty

– The US is a globalist “bully” nation that wages economic sanctions against the world

– The US will lose the war with #Russia and the mirage of US military might will be shattered

– #China shocks the world with 7nm microprocessor breakthrough that defies US sanctions

– Be prepared for the controlled demolition of the #dollar which will transfer assets into the hands of the wealthy elite

Here’s what others had to say:

Nate Itkin
On this day, let us honor the fallen by taking back what was stolen from us and leaving freedom for the next generation.

Johnene Johnston
I heard that no planes hit the towers, the planes were actually holograms. “Project Blue Beam”

One of the most likely reasons i see for the portable water filters will be used to filter the tap water in the apartment buildings since the water treatment facility will be abandoned or powerless and the only water source will be the contaminated tap water.

Richard Blakely
There were no planes on 9-11. We know this because the videos are fake. Those planes cannot fly that fast at sea level without losing their wings.
Controlled explosions brought them all down.
It was an insurance scam, obviously, which a corrupt investigation overlooked.
Fake planes, fake virus, fake vaccines, and fake justice; all obvious.
Aluminum airplanes cannot fly through steel beams without pieces falling to the ground, obviously.

No Thans
9/11 was not at all as it appears period!!!!!!!!!


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