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Australians SHOCKED at Albanese WAR PLAN!

Australians SHOCKED at Albanese WAR PLAN!

By Aussie Cossack

Shock and disgust at Prime Minister Albanese’s decision to send $500 Million and send Australian troops against Russia.

Here’s what others had to say:

justin blake
We need it all video recorded and sent to russia to the Kremlin! Then maybe putin will see australias government doesnt represent the people and russia could come and and treat albanese like zelensky and save us from western government!

I’m anti Feminism
The people united will never be defeated, let’s show our love & support to our Great Mother Land Russia & stop these criminal dictators in the Parliament from supporting the evil nazi regime of Ukraine.

Nate Dogg
This is some BS! So they couldn’t keep the fuel discount on because it cost like 500 million for 3 months, but can send that straight to Ukraine? Piss Off Australian government! It is illegal to be funding a war for a non democracy country.

Peter Lasky
What a pain in a neck sack the Victorian and nsw for not doing their jobs correctly.

Stewart George
Albo doesn’t speak for me. 500 million, imagine what that could be used for to better serve Australians.

Karl – Udo Becher
You know what folks , why doesn’t someone come up and tell the entire nation that if he or she gets elected that they will implement a system where anyone in Australia with a mobile phone can vote yes or no to every major decision which is infront of them. With modern technology it is not a hard thing to set up. Then the majorities vote from the Australian people is what the government will do. That is truly giving the power back to all Australian citizens. Please someone come up and run for the job of prime minister and promise people that and I guarantee you that you will win the next election.

Jon Burrows
500 million might not solve but can go along way in states emergency and hospital sectors that are completely falling over.

Andrew Cox
Amazing they can find the money when they want to.Apparently they are now paying mercenaries to fight for Ukraine.2,000 dollars a month for terrorist.Solidarity from Southampton England.

Freedom the Original
The incompetent Airbus AnAl shouldn’t be throwing our money away to be laundered with no accountability. There’s plenty of needy Australian families that could use these funds.󠁧

This Government should be held accountable for funding war crimes and acts of Terrorism, along with Brandon in the US .

Tatiana Kubler
Zelensky already sold the best agricultural land to American companies. He needs more money to put into his government pocket. War is always a great way to make someone richer. As Australia doesn’t have her own issues where she can invest our money into economy for our citizens benefit.

Kevin Donaghey
According to a American Democrat who’s recently left them she has stated that the American government has been paying and training Isis and other terrorists to fight against Russia along side Ukraine is albo paying them also.

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