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Antifa Attacks Parents at School Board Meeting

Antifa Attacks Parents at School Board Meeting


Antifa wants control of your kids.

On Tuesday night, Antifa greeted concerned parents attending Glendale Unified School District’s school board meeting in Glendale, California. The parents were in attendance to let the district know that they did not want their elementary school children to have a forced pride celebration at their child’s school.

Video from the attack shows about 200 Antifa members dressed in all black with their faces covered, waiting by the entrance to the school board meeting. Antifa then started attacking parents attending the meeting.

Many point out the fact law enforcement allowed Antifa to gather outside the school board meeting and did little to prevent Antifa from attacking the parents. Police only jumped in after Antifa started spraying parents with unknown liquids. Even then, police were ineffective in stopping Antifa’s rage against the parents. Police only arrested 3 Antifa members despite the fact that over 200 Antifa members were present and attacking parents.

Glendale, California, is located in the liberal stronghold of Los Angeles County. In the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden received 71% of the vote there.

During the 2020 Antifa Riots D.C. Police allowed Antifa to gather on sidewalks outside the Trump White House to harass and attack Trump supporters, Trump White House employees and Republican members of Congress as they left the White House complex. NationalFile reporter Charles Downs and United States Senator Rand Paul were notably attacked by Antifa in the public streets near the White House for supporting President Trump.

Antifa in Glendale had the same strategy as in D.C. Wait for their target to leave the event and then pounce. However, the significant and horrifying difference is in D.C. Antifa attacked political players, while in California, Antifa attacked concerned parents at a school board meeting. This fact shows Antifa is becoming stronger in Joe Biden’s America.

Joe Biden says political violence is never ok, period. Yet Biden’s White House remains silent on Antifa’s latest attack.


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