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A Siege in Western Downs (Queensland), The Trains, The Neighbour, and Two Young Cops

A Siege in Western Downs (Queensland), The Trains, The Neighbour, and Two Young Cops

By Dee McLachlan

This post will serve as the first thread in the “Train Siege”.

Six people are dead: Two young constables Rachel McCrow and Constable Matthew, then Gareth, Nathaniel and Stacey Train, and the farmer Alan Dare.

We send our condolences to the families of those who were sadly killed.

This was reported by the ABC on 13 December 2022, 7 days ago:

“Two police officers shot dead during a siege at a property in Queensland’s Western Downs have been identified as Constable Rachel McCrow, 29, and Constable Matthew Arnold, 26.  The officers were attending the property as part of a missing persons report when they were ambushed by three shooters —  two men and a woman —  wearing camouflage. A man from a neighbouring property, who has been identified as Alan Dare, was also killed in the siege.

“Speaking from Chinchilla police station, Commissioner Katarina Carroll said she went to the scene this morning and had received a further briefing on what happened. “Despite police efforts, the matter was unable to be resolved peacefully and all three offenders were fatally shot by specialist officers,” Commissioner Carroll said. “In total, six people have lost their lives”.”

Initially, the narrative was simple: 3 anti-vaxxer, Port Arthur conspiracy theorists on ice went ballistic when cops arrived looking for a missing person.

The problem with this is that the facts and EVIDENCE regarding Port Arthur points away from the patsy Martin Bryant. See my video here “Justice in the Lucky Country“. And my first-hand experience in child protection has revealed that police commissioners and the system will support the actions of those few corrupted officers that conceal child sexual abuse and will go after the protectors. These few damage the reputation of the entire force and all those people that went into the force to serve the community.

And so we have to view this ‘train wreck’ in the light that agenda is more important than the truth. That’s just a fact and we understand how the world works.

I was alerted to a Youtube video by Mal where a Train brother, I believe,was defending the characters of the Trains. I watched it late at night, but by morning it was gone — against community standards. The account now has been terminated. That is an immediate red flag. Is someone or some authority trying to silence any opposing views or explanations? That is the conclusion when a calm rebuttal and explanation is removed. I recall a brother (I think) talking about Nathaniel being a ‘sort after’ person or a person of interest — because he has information about “children” (no details given) and that he knew things that powerful people didn’t want known. He said the police had been hassled them for some time.

Well, the video is gone.

In the first few days, I got a number of emails (including the deleted video). A number of theories were being put forward. These ranged from: ‘powerful people want their farm for fracking’; or they want to align anti-vaxxers and those pesky conspiracy theories (that still believe in the Port Arthur) as a danger to society; it’s the next stage of gun control; and they’ve probably already written the legislation to control these anti-tyrannical elements, etc., etc.

It didn’t take long (Monday 19th) for the headline “Cops demand gun owner registration”.

What is disturbing is that my teacher friend told me that her teacher friend worked with school principal Nathaniel Train — and he was loved by students and teachers. Then he became a missing (radicalised) person. But he wasn’t really missing, was he?

And how the hell did two young good-looking cops land up in the firing line? It doesn’t make sense. Max Egan went as far as suggesting that maybe it was a psyop and the Trains had already been executed before the arrival of the rookie cops.

Who knows?

Who shot the farmer in the back?

In the 90s I was filming wildlife at night in Botswana (in Africa) when we were surrounded by a highly armed 20-member anti-poaching unit. It was a tense one-hour ride back to camp with an AK-47 jammed into my ribs.  It was known that they had a shoot-to-kill poachers policy, and we’d just been told how a tourist had been shot at the swamps. The only reason they found out he was a tourist is that after shooting they dressed the tourist up in camo gear — but there were no bullet holes in the clothing to match with the bullet wounds.

It is so difficult to unravel the truth when you are prevented access to the facts — so there are more questions than answers.

Today, 20 December 2022, Crikey reports an unfolding story, in an article entitled: ‘A lot of unknowns’: Queensland Police face questions on Wieambilla shooters’ history

“…little is known about what Queensland Police knew before the attack. Queensland Police are refusing to disclose what information they had on the Wieambilla shooters before the attack…  questions mount over the decision to send junior officers to visit individuals with a recent history of hostile and erratic behaviour that was known to police.

“…QPS declined to answer questions about whether officers had visited the Wieambilla property or interacted with the Trains recently… New details about the Trains’ online history and alleged previous run-ins with police have come to light. On Friday, Crikey was first to report on a now-deleted YouTube channel that posted footage from Gareth and Stacey Train in the lead-up to, and even during, the fatal attack… The video is accompanied by a paranoid caption: “You attempt to abduct us using contractors. You attempt to intimidate and target us with your Raytheon Learjets and planes. You sent ‘covert’ assets out here to my place in the bush. So what is your play here? To have me and my wife murdered during a state police ‘welfare check’? You already tried that one.”

“Other videos make claims about police corruption, consistent with Gareth Train’s comments on fringe Australian conspiracy websites and forums…. Police had also received reports regarding Gareth’s brother Nathaniel. On Saturday, the ABC reported that he had driven a 4WD filled with loaded guns and knives through a NSW border gate into Queensland last year.”

I saw a video of an Op shop lady claiming they came in searching for camo gear. Really?

This is an extract of what Gareth Train wrote | June 2, 2021 at 5:35 pm on Cairns News:

“Note to the controllers, I remained quiet and lived my life because you started cleaning your house with gang style shootings, accidents, suicides and heart attacks. Then you pulled PA96 and the country fell for it. But you or someone in the program have recently attempted to activate old assets which can only lead to false flag attacks in an attempt to persuade public opinion and ensure further totalitarian legislation.

“First recent direct threat was an automated digital voice call – Sept 2020 blocked number, “you have been ‘identified’, your internet and phone line will be ‘terminated’ within 24 hours, unless…” I ended call, I don’t answer calls and my phone is set to Silent & Do Not Disturb. This call was pushed, made phone ring aloud and would not stop until I answered the call, you would have to ask Edward how they the gov can do that. My smart phone and my wife’s were both dumped following this call (all email, text message and data was removed from the handsets and couldn’t be accessed then replaced after an hour).

“Sept 2020 Surveillance drone flown over property, several close passes of house. Sept 2020 Spoofed number text messages 1. “We will be in your area tomorrow and would like you to view our van”, 2. “We will be out to see you soon”. Oct 2020 Following these mms text an incident occurred at the front of our rural property during the night, delivered rapidly… Nov, Dec 2020 and Jan 2021 light plane fly overs within 20 metres of the house roof – complaint lodged with casa for all it’s worth, I just wanted to see the reaction. No further close flyovers to date.”

I was sent a strange coincidence last night from an educator who pointed to Dale’s investigations:

“… I went to the strong cities Melbourne summit report from 2018; I’ve looked at this document many times. They had a strong focus on the coming threat of ‘popularism’ and right-wing extremists being radicalised online in an echo chamber and the need to quash mis-information. In the photo above they even used and example of an Australian teacher being radicalised and a link to NSW police.”

Breakout Session 5: Recruitment Trends – Crime, Mental Health and Violent Extremism chaired by Rebecca Skellett discussed a scenario in their breakout session:

Finally, the session looked at the personal story of an Australian teacher and activist directly affected by violent extremism.

Are we all part of a grand script?

Max Igan:

Original source:

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