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Twitter Censorship Is Still Alive and Kicking

Twitter Censorship Is Still Alive and Kicking

By Steve Kirsch

They aren’t going to back down without a fight. They just blocked one of our accounts for something posted 9 days ago.

This tweet was posted 9 days ago. Account is locked until the tweet is deleted.

Basically, Twitter says that Bob Snow’s nearly fatal cardiac arrest is being covered up by the media for some reason other than them not wanting to create vaccine hesitancy.

Can someone from Twitter just tell us WHY American Airlines is covering up the fact that they nearly killed one of their senior pilots and how they know? I admit, if it isn’t vaccine hesitancy, then it has to be one of the following reasons. Which one is it?

  1. They don’t want passengers to panic and stop flying?
  2. They don’t want their pilots to panic and quit?

I just hate it when Twitter knows which one it is, and won’t tell us!

I have a clever idea for how to find out.

Perhaps if my readers picked one of the above explanations and we can then see which one(s) Twitter complains about, we can find the answer that way?

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