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Zukerberg’s Metaverse is Aborted

Zukerberg’s Metaverse is Aborted

By Chris Black

>$24,000,000,000 down the drain

>Microsoft pulls out from Metaverse

>Echo VR shut down

>Crayta shut down

>Metaverse avatars still don’t have legs

>Facebook will focus on copying ChatGTP AI instead

Literally no normal person ever wanted the VR meme.

The actual thing that will probably catch on when 6G brings gigabit speeds and ultralow latency for everyone all the time is augmented reality- getting different types of overlay on reality.

It can also easily integrate ads within overlays for money generation without being too obtrusive since reality is already filled with ads.

The whole Pokemon Go fad showed the potential, unlike most VR shit, which has been on life support and burning venture capital and Zucc money to stay afloat since the beginning.

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