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Will Any Qualified Person Challenge Me 1-on-1 on Anything I Claim to be True? I Doubt It

Will Any Qualified Person Challenge Me 1-on-1 on Anything I Claim to be True? I Doubt It


If you have a real name, a h-index >=7, a bio, >1,000 followers, and you disagree with me on something I said or wrote, you qualify. Any takers?

Executive summary

I’m getting the feeling nobody with any academic credentials wants to challenge me on anything I say.

Let’s see if I’m right.

If you think anything I say is wrong, I invite you to challenge me.

To accept

To accept my challenge, simply reply to the PINNED comment below with these 6 items:

  1. Name: Your real name
  2. Content: Your contact info (e.g., if you use your Twitter account, give me your twitter hand and follow me so I can DM you)
  3. Followers: Evidence that you have at least 1,000 followers on Twitter or other social media (i.e., that people respect you), e.g., a link to your profile page
  4. Bio: A link to your bio
  5. H-index: Proof you have an h-index >= 7 (mine is 7).
  6. Topic: The specific topic you want to challenge me on, e.g., vaccines cause autism, vaccines in general are bad, etc.

Note: I qualify for the debate using this criteria.

The rules are simple

I’ll set up a Twitter Space or Zoom call. The rules of engagement are super-simple and the same for both parties:

  1. No ad hominem attacks
  2. Make your arguments on facts, evidence, and science (not speculation or hand-waving arguments without evidentiary support).
  3. Max of 2 minutes of continuous talk time before yielding the floor (so it isn’t a monolog)
  4. 1-on-1 debate (just me and you)
  5. No moderator
  6. Stick to the topic specified in the acceptance
  7. If one side breaks the rules, the other side can terminate the debate.

The goal is simply to find the truth if we disagree.

Suggested topics for debate

I claim, among other things, that:

  1. ICYMI: This article by Joel Smalley appeared over 1 year agoIt is crystal clear evidence that the vaccines are killing people. Right from the government of Alberta, Canada. They are now hiding this data.
  2. The medical community is inept; how could it not acknowledge that vaccines cause autism?
  3. The Paul Thomas autism paper was unethically retracted and should be restored
  4. Andrew Wakefield was right: vaccines cause autism
  5. No vaccines, no mother vaccinated during pregnancy, and no k-shot —> better health outcomes than fully vaccinated
  6. There are no studies that compare the FULLY unvaccinated with the FULLY vaccinated that shows statistically significant better health outcomes for the FULLY vaccinated on a broad range of health conditions (i.e., chronic diseases).
  7. Vaccines cause autism and other chronic health conditions
  8. The gold-standard Medicare data proves that the COVID vaccines are not safe
  9. The COVID vaccines have killed more people than they’ve saved
  10. Masks don’t work
  11. Social distancing doesn’t work
  12. Lockdowns did more harm than good
  13. Mandates are unethical
  14. Anything in my PA Senate testimony
  15. The COVID virus exists and you can order it from ATCC and match the GenBank sequence
  16. Anything else I’ve said verbally or claimed in writing

The lame excuses

The excuse given by the vaccine industry / public health to avoid an open forum discussion regarding the safety and effectiveness of vaccines is that they cannot give a platform to anti-vaxxers and risk vaccine hesitancy is now irrelevant.

Hesitancy, irrespective of the opinion of how it came to be, is here. The tables are turned.

If they want to get people to take the shots, they now have to take me down.

But they won’t because they can’t.

The other lame excuse goes like this:

No, because qualified people are too busy working on the things they’re qualified to do in their actual professions, instead of wasting their time and risking their reputations engaging with a creepy grifter only in it for self-enrichment like you.

That’s not true because if you type in “misinformation superspreader” into Google, I’m the top hit. I have millions of followers and I’m causing huge amounts of vaccine hesitancy which costs lives. FDA head Robert Califf said, “Misinformation is the leading cause of death.” Is the researcher working on something more important than potentially saving millions of lives by exposing me as a fraud?

In addition, the lack of a suitable response sends the message that I’m right which then makes the medical community look silly and increases vaccine hesitancy. For example,


I don’t think I’ll have any takers. Isn’t that stunning? I don’t even have to argue my points!

Just the fact that nobody with minimal qualifications will even register here to challenge me tells you everything you need to know, doesn’t it?


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