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The Reckless Printing of MONEY and LIES is Finally Approaching an End

The Reckless Printing of MONEY and LIES is Finally Approaching an End

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

1:11 Headlines

20:41 Interview with Bob Moriarty

1:08:17 Interview with Ty Bollinger

– Norway military munitions manufacturer can’t expand due to lack of power in Europe

– Mainstream media admits Ukraine is running out of ammunition

– Western countries can print CURRENCY and print LIES but they can’t print artillery shells

– Italy bans insects in pasta and pizza

– JP Morgan pushing facial scans and palm scans for payment systems (Mark of the Beast)

– Government ramps up attacks on #crypto in preparation for CBDC rollout

– Farmer protests spread in Slovenia as fascist governments declare war on agriculture

– CFTC levels charges against Binance but ignores dollar banking system crimes

– Interview with Bob Moriarty about western financial system collapse

– Interview with Ty Bollinger about accelerated cancer rates following vax/bioweapons

Here’s what others had to say:

Michael you said it is common sense to know that the elite want to kill us – it is to me, although it is STILL HARD TO COMPREHEND AND BELIEVE, – YOU SAID YOU THINK MOST PEOPLE KNOW THAT NOW – N O . . T H E Y . . . D O . .
N O T. Almost all my friends and all my family got the jabs and the boosters they still think it was a great thing do do – I know in the next couple of years they will be D E A D ! One Air Force buddy from 53 yrss ago who was so pro vaccine – he is now dying of panreatic cance and brain cancer and liver cancer – he will never understand he killed himself I know that. I suspect he will be gone by Easter. I mention to friends about prepping getting food – THEY JUST CAN’T SEE IT.,NONE OF THESE EOPLE LIVE WITHIN 500 MILES OF ME FORTUNATELY! i DON’T HAVE DEAL WITH THEIR INABILITY TO LOOK AHEAD. YES, i KNOW THEY WILL ALL BE GONE IN THE NEXT FE – I KNOW!

There are people all over the world in the streets protesting and standing up for what they believe in… Yet the supposed “freest Nation” in the world…people are silent…🙄…What have they done to us??????

Well, Michael the end of your interview with Bob Moriarty is one of those times I have mentioned before that cause me to weep not in a bad way at all! But because, I am so glad I found you, 1st of all. 2nd there are times I feel so privileged to get to listen to you and your guests and when I hear the mutual admiration – I just simply break down; and lastly, I am so grateful to the Creator God of the universe for the resources He has hooked me up with for these last days and certainly the last days of my life on this planet though if I live as long as my mom did I would still have another 20 yrs she was 98. It is such a deep gratitude to the Lord. THANKS MICHAEL sure wish you were my son, or at least my favorite nephew!

Bob Moriarty is so wise. Got a talent, gotta use it to help the world. Mike, you and all of the other people in this movement are such amazing examples of that and of not giving up. Inspires me to be better or at least to get my sh*t together. So grateful for that.

Timber McKinney
Great Interview with Mr. Moriarty! There is a great deal or admiration and respect for one another! Because of the last interview with Mr. Moriarity and me being an avid aviation enthusiast I bought the book “No Guts No Glory “! It was a fantastic read! Thank You both for your wisdom and great stories!

Rist Rocket
Russian leadership has analyzed the way the Ukrainian battles are consuming arms supplies along with the future of Russian border defense and have determined production should be increased by a factor of seven to eight by the end of this year. Today, artillery shells are being supplied about 145,000 rounds a month. These increases artillery to a million rounds per month. This along with with the hardware which uses these shells. New tanks are coming at one per day right now. As Russia is primarily involved in security of its borders with a very wide DMZ line around those boarders, Russia believes it may be forced into border wars for years. This is why Russia is greatly expanding personnel and equipment being ready to fight everything the West can through at Russia from any direction. Of course, any aggression to Russia from the West is simply outright insanity as Russia is a self sufficient country in terms of resource materials and industrial manufacturing. To add to that Russia and China now have trading partnership to underpin each others areas lacking manufacturing capabilities and food supplies. With Russia and China with their business partners is this two billion people working toward common goals of peace and prosperity? India is part of BRICS also so three billion people. The crazed West do not have a fricking chance to defeat this juggernaut of peace and trade.

Jarumir Khan
The process of mass Conditioning is the very important point, neurologically (physis and bios) and of course from psyche and pneuma. I think, the dark forces can do that with the new technologies in real time wth G5 and other tecs. and they behave like robots. I am an real expert and studying that on universities and in real life. Its so horrifying what is happening in that moment, or since 3 Years.

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