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Sound of Freedom Updates | AMC CEO Responds to Sabotage | Forbes Viciously Attacks Movie

Sound of Freedom Updates | AMC CEO Responds to Sabotage | Forbes Viciously Attacks Movie

By Coach’s Archives

In This video update on Sound of Freedom, we look at the latest box office numbers. Spoiler alert! Sound of Freedom REGAINED the top spot at the box office on July 10th, beating both Indiana Jones and Insidious: Red Door. We also look at actor Jim Caviezel and hear what he has to say about the specific and detailed personal sacrifices he had to take in order to make this film.

There was a lot of funny business experienced in the movie theaters while trying to see Sound of Freedom. Many of you have emailed and commented your experiences here. Now, the CEO of AMC has made a public statement, basically attacking the people who told their stories and called them Liars and Haters.

Forbes is the latest big media entity that has attacked the film and all of its supporters. Let’s weigh in on all of this.

Here’s what others had to say:

How evil do you have to be to suppress Sound Of Freedom!?

How in the world can people say it’s a conspiracy theory when it’s literally based off a true story. This actually happened and is happening right now

Suppressing and/or attacking the movie because of sex/child/human trafficking happening makes you guilty in either supporting, defending, or active participation in it. Simple as.

This is amazing , people are at last becoming aware of how they have been lied to over the years .Truth Will Out

Tim Ballard is true Hero! He should be respected as one! Hollywood is insane as well as media and all who is against this movie.

I am a nurse. I work with foster kids and trauma kids. The foster system is broken. Ms. Sorvino spoke of this as a major conduit to kids being caught in sex trafficking. I have seen this at my job with my own eyes. I pray families will step up to become foster parents and Shepherd our children in America so they become healthy, productive members of our society and not lost children who are preyed upon. Please consider foster parenting and adoption. There are so many kids in America waiting on us to rescue them by giving them forever families. My husband and I have adopted 4 kids and trust me it’s such a blessing to us to have grown our family this way.

How sick and demented can a person or an organization be to be against the rescuing of INNOCENT children being kidnapped and trafficked. Some hearts and minds can run so deep and dark without the Light of Christ.

Just remember DISNEY held back this film.
I hope all the people who are appalled by the negative reactions to this film will NOT be going to Disneyworld or Disneyland.
If you spend 1 penny on Disney, you’re just as disgusting as the child traffickers.
It’s time to end a company determined to hurt our children.

We all need to take note of who’s suppressing Sound of Freedom and give them the Bud Lite treatment. The only thing major corporations care about is their bottom line so we have to hit them where it hurts, and continue to hit, and hit, over, and over again.

Speaking with a friend who is treating a relative. He agreed that this topic makes he and I COMPLETELY unstable. It makes us CRAZY to think about this EVIL happening all over the USA.

I just saw the sound of freedom today. And I’m a 61 year old man and I cried my heart goes out to all the children who are, were or will be victims to this most evil crime in history of man kind. I remember when president Donald J Trump was in office and Laura Trump had a task force focused on this very thing and all the children her and her task force rescued from these evil people. After seeing sound of freedom I soooo much more respect for her and what she and others were trying to accomplish. The msm did not cover what she was doing but some of us were paying attention thank you Mrs Laura Trump.

Nowadays, everytime you hear someone labeling a thing a “conspiracy theory”, you can be almost 100% safe to think that its actually a fact.

God bless everyone who helped with Sound of freedom and all of people who supported it by watching and sharing news about it. The swamp is too big to drain it but lets go step by step, starting with those most precious to us all our children ! God bless!


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