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Sound of Freedom: New Film Exposes the Dark Truths of Human Trafficking

Sound of Freedom: New Film Exposes the Dark Truths of Human Trafficking

By Tony Robbins

In this critical conversation, Tony sits down with his dear friend Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing victims of child sex trafficking, and Jordan Harmon, co-founder of faith-inspired production company Angel Studios. The three delve deep into their powerful new film “Sound of Freedom” (opening this July 4th).

This extraordinary film – on which Tony is one of the Executive Producers – depicts the true story of Tim Ballard (played by actor Jim Caviezel), a Federal Agent who quits his job with the Department of Homeland Security to start his own independent team of child rescuers.

Watch as Tim shares firsthand accounts of the harrowing experiences faced by victims of human trafficking and the relentless dedication of those fighting to dismantle these dark criminal networks, which continue to enslave millions of children globally each year.

Tony, Tim and Jordan discuss the crucial role “Sound of Freedom” will play in raising awareness about this global epidemic, and how YOU can join this fight to end child trafficking.

“Sound of Freedom” is out in theaters on July 4th! To get your tickets, visit:

About the Film:

“Sound of Freedom” is an action thriller starring Jim Caviezel and Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino. Directed by Alejandro Monteverde, the film tells the incredible true story of Tim Ballard, a US federal agent who, after rescuing a young boy from ruthless child traffickers, learns the boy’s sister is still captive and decides to embark on a dangerous mission to save her. With time running out, he quits his job and journeys deep into the Colombian jungle, putting his life on the line to free her from a fate worse than death.

The film is produced by Angel Studios, a production company that creates faith-based and faith-inspired films and streaming TV shows such as The Chosen.


[00:00] Show Intro

[01:33] Sound of Freedom Trailer

[04:22] Tim on his experiences leading to the film

[06:48] Why Jim Caviezel was cast

[08:52] Jim’s personal connection to the story

[10:13] Tim’s reaction to the script

[11:29] Filmmakers’ mission

[12:38] Angel Studios’ process in choosing a project

[13:21] How Mira Sorvino got involved

[14:39] What makes the film crucial today

[17:10] Tony on raising money for trafficked children

[18:22] Belief is a poor substitute for an experience

[18:45] An emotional experience in Haiti

[22:45] The film as a tool to liberate children

[24:35] Why a July 4th release date

[26:22] Build an audience through crowdfunding

[29:50] The Goal: Fill 2 million seats

[32:57] Get loud! How to end this epidemic

[34:46] Healing trafficked children

[36:00] Tim’s adopted children

[40:55] Survivors now saving lives

[43:30] A mission in Ukraine led to a major takedown

[45:29] The heartbreaking story of a young boy in Iraq

[47:17] Jordan’s important message

[48:50] Empowering every organization

[50:53] Sign off

[51:07] for tickets

Here’s what others had to say:

As a kid I was trafficked.
You have no idea how much gratitude I feel towards these guys. Just to learn that people actually DO something about it, is very healing. THANK YOU GUYS.

The fact Disney acquired this film in the acquisition of Fox, didn’t release it under any of their media companies, and the film makers had to buy the rights back and release it themselves tells me everything I need to know about Disney.

I haven’t seen it yet, but my sister and her husband did on July 4th.
They were physically ill for hours after seeing it. This film reached deep into their hearts and souls.
Many tears.
I’m 64.
I’m a survivor of child sex trafficking in NYC. I was16. Held in a apartment, drugged, sold, raped.
It’s a miracle that I survived.
Thank you so much for making this huge problem very public.
It’s time to be loud, in their faces, save the children, and go after the perpetrators. No mercy for the perps.

I think the absolute worst thing a human can do, is hurt children. I’m so glad this movie was made. God bless you guys! Love and light to you, your families and all of the victims of this horrifying heinous atrocity.

Please bring this film to Australia so we can support it and the cause as well. Thank you for being warriors against evil.

I’ve always appreciated Tony for his motivational speeches. Now I’m a fan for what he has done for Tim and his organization.

Thank you Tim for your heroic act of shedding light on human trafficking. Your mission in life is to illuminate darkness.

I recently watched a documentary on YouTube of an American woman that rescues babies being sold in Haiti -it’s unfathomable and heartbreaking! I’m so glad people like this are putting their comfort and human selfishness aside to help these children!

Saw the movie on the 5th and was so happy that my friends went with us and the theater was full. The movie was eye opening and you all can count on us to support you! Good job and good luck with saving these, “God’s children”. So glad that this movie beat out Disney.

Thank GOD, there are Angels among us, going into the battle against evil. Thank You, Tim Ballard, Jim Caviezel and all others participating in this. Thank You, Tony, for using your voice amd influence to expose this evil happening in the world today.

As unfortunate as it is to know this is happening and has been happening for a long time, it is so heartwarming to know influential people are speaking out to help give children the chance to live as CHILDREN!
God Bless them and all of society!

I am blown away that you all have done this… my daughter was 12 in school in the Czech Republic when Russian traffickers posing as police kidnapped her and 10 other children… by the Grace of God we were able to rescue them quickly (2 days) but this cuts so deeply inside of what I know… GOD BLESSINGS ON YOU ALL!! Jesus is taking back this crazy world right now. Thank you.

My family of 12 just watched this film in theater last weekend. It’s sad, amazing, and inspiring. Very eye opening for those of us who choose to listen. I’m almost 6 months pregnant and close to terrified, bringing a tiny human into this world. It’s so amazing knowing there are people out there willing to do something about this. Respect

I just fell in love with Tony Robbins all over again. He is definitely not all about money. One of those rare gems using his billions for good. He’s going against the top elite dogs to save children and using his platform and it’s amazing. Going to watch Sound of Freedom tomorrow and do what I can in my small city. This subject has always been important to me.
A friend of mine’s kid was almost trafficked from a nail salon here in Orange County just during a bridesmaid/flower girl day of doing mani/pedis. She was only 6 and went to the bathroom. Then vanished. Her mom reacted fast and they found her at LAX thank goodness before boarding a flight to Asia with a man.
It doesn’t just happen in poor, under developed areas. It is happening in all parts of the world. Most likely in your backyard.

Who cries during a podcast?!? Wow. I saw the trailer but didn’t think that I could watch it. We never go to movies but I showed this to my husband and he told me that we are absolutely going to the theater to see this. Thank you is not enough. Tim Ballard is a war hero. He is fighting the war against our children.

Tickets sold is almost 5 million!! My husband and I watched it on Saturday. Its a great movie, and very eye opening into the life of a real saint, Tim Ballard!! He and all those like him deserve all the help they can get rescuing God’s children!

My most emotional moments after watching the film was between the end, and the two minutes we had to wait for the special message from Jim Caviezel!
I think God for Tim Ballard, and everyone who is involved in helping to rescue these precious children of God!!

Tears of Joy to see there are still human beings with hearts that are committed to make a big difference..i know in my heart that something good is already happening.

The movie was heartbreaking and courageous. It made me cry. I solute you Tim Ballard. Thank you man for your service.


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